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Back from Berlin!



We just came back from our trip from Berlin, where we just finished petsitting for our former NYC client, Thunder the dachshund.

It’s a bit of an adjustment getting back to life here, but fortunately this morning I booked a last minute petsit that has us living back in another person’s apartment with two extremely adorable dogs, Waverly and Truffle!

Waverly ny nomads

Truffle woof woof nyc

The house is a bit of a mess as their owner has just moved in and has been nonstop traveling ever since, so we are living among piles of boxes, magazines, and clothing. Can’t be helped, and as always I’m down to do a little arranging and cleaning so that when their owner returns she has a nicer, cleaner home to move back into, with less unpacking to be done.

The video begins with a little dumpster diving of some strawberries that were meant to be chucked from my husband’s office, and some coconut yogurt that just isn’t as good as the type we found in Germany, but delicious. It’s followed by my first run in NYC to pick up about 6 fuji apples for $1 and 6 avocadoes for a $1 in Chinatown + some onigiri for the husband. It sure is nice to be back in a city where everything is so accessible!