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We Almost Moved Into a Permanent Home!


Keep it simple stupid

So many changes in one week.

1) Kickstarter Celebration!

With my Kickstarter in the news, I’ve been busy responding to questions from interested in parties in the workbook and website. It’s motivating considering that for a while there I thought the project was dead in the water. However, we reached our goal and are now at 85 backers and $1308 raised – enough to help fuel the costs of creating a new workbook to be featured on Equality. Education.!

2) We were going to move!

491 Mercer Street – 2 units up for rent!

Not that we’d give up petsitting, but that we’d switch to boarding in Jersey City. A major event which I cannot discuss on here prompted the idea. However, while we thought about moving to our Jersey City rental property (& sought out help from friends, scheduled an internet install, etc.) we changed our minds because while there are benefits:

  • Being able to more directly manage the renovation of one property
  • Having all of our stuff in one place rather than dispersed across storage units and cabinets
  • Finally being able to set up a home with all the cute finishes – prints, kitchenware, etc.
  • More stability, less mobility

Image from http://www.9tofine.net/en/lifestyle/what-is-minimalist-lifestyle/

Ultimately it is a huge change, and I realize that I’ve truly become a minimalist. Not only in owning less, but also commuting less. I’m willing to have less, to share a space, in exchange for spending more of my time how I choose. Instead of 60+ minutes commuting each day, I can put that time towards working on this blog, or sleeping in later if I have a midnight insomnia bout.

Additionally, as I search through beds and mattresses, couches and dining tables, I started to develop a headache. It wasn’t the cost that was daunting, it was having to choose – and having to choose things I did not really want! I don’t want furniture. I see owning big items as chains that stifle me and make it harder for me to shift directions, as I enjoy doing so in my life.

My nightmare!
Image courtesy of https://www.newtoncustominteriors.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/linen-closet-before-labeled.jpg

We could move and not accumulate anything – live in an empty house, haha – but I feel that when in a home one settles into acquiring things that we think will bring comfort. Before I knew it I’d wind up with so many bath towels, coffees, cooking equipment, etc – all things we haven’t needed in relying on using such items at our petsits. I don’t want to double the amount of stuff that is needed in the world.

There’s too much wild in me, and I can see that living in a set place just because it is prescribed is not how I will comfortably live my life. I am so lucky to have so much choice as to where and what I live in. NYC is a magical place in that way – that we’ve been able to book petsits one right after another, with friends to help us with overlaps. I need to appreciate how lucky I am to be in this situation, and Keep It Simple!

Keep it simple stupid

Image courtesy of http://minimalismissimple.com/want-to-start-a-business-to-complement-your-minimalist-lifestyle