Berlin Diary: My New Diet Consists of 3 Soft Pretzel Buns a Day


For 0.35 Euros, or about 50 cents, you can expect to pick up a crusty on the outside, soft and doughy on the inside, soft pretzel bun at nearly any grocer or many convenience stores!

Soft Pretzel Love!!!!

I eat one for breakfast, one during my morning jog, and another generally as a dessert.  Otherwise, I consume a lot of other easy to find vegan products – veggie burgers, lots of fresh produce, cooked lentils, etc. to balance out the crazy heavy carb influx I am absorbing through my love of these fresh rolls.

It’s so cold I have to stop and take some deep breaths sometimes before pushing on.

I’m thinking I may have to start buying these at Whole Foods to keep the love going.