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Berlin Tour: Charlottenburg Palace


One of the problems in being very laid-back about your trip planning – and instead using much of your home time to pet a dog, binge Stranger Things 2, and try to keep up with blogging and begin vlogging – is that you don’t research the places you are visiting as well as you could. Instead Sandy and I simply place them on a Google map that he then can refer to in finding how to use the public transport to get there.

I had read as much on Wikipedia to know that “original palace was commissioned by Sophie Charlotte, the wife of Friedrich III, Elector of Brandenburg in what was then the village of Lietzow” and that it was based off one the most impressive place I have ever visited in my life, Versailles.

The images I saw of Charlottenburg were impressive on TripAdvisor, etc, but then we got there on a cold, gray Berlin winter day, and I was left unimpressed that you could not enter the massive structure – main building, and to see that much of it looked like a recreation of the place than the actual building originally that stood there. I assume this is because the wars caused a lot of damage to such a large structure, but to see the modern stucco walls chipping to reveal a dull cement underneath, I left wanting much more than a facade.  Further disillusionment came in looking through the windows of the long right wing and seeing it lined with stalls of jewelry vendors looking bored, hoping to sell their wares.

Then by the time we walked all the way around the fence to enter the grounds, and then around the castle looking for an entrance, and then on to the mausoleum that was closed for the winter, we were too cold to explore further and locate the actual interiors that one can visit!

So my advice for this site – research the entrances – don’t assume that you will enter that main castle – and try to visit in the spring/summer/fall 🙂 I’m sure I would have loved it, now that I’m home and looking at pictures at the wings you can visit there.