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How Long is the Line – Wait for Yayoi Kusama in NYC?


Speaking to docents outside this morning, and researching online, I’ve confirmed that the are no paid tickets to the Yayoi Kusama exhibit running now in NYC. There is just free general admission entrance (unless you’re press).

This weekend, when I swung by, the line ran down the block and a couple corners – a wait of 2-4 hours. My friend that went opening night confirmed the same then.

At 9a Tuesday, 11/7, I ran by and found the line is about 90 people long, and the gallery opens at 9a. The line is a 1/3 of what it was when I saw it this weekend:

Yayoi Kusama NYC location

Yayoi Kusama Line

At 9:44a the line wraps around the corner and down West End to W. 20th Street. It has more than doubled:

At 10a the doors open and they allowed 20 people in – not so many because about 25 press members, VIPs, just went in.

Speaking to the docents your best bet is to line up early – around 9a, as at 10a a large flush of people will be admitted. The line builds throughout the day and will likely build as the exhibit continues and more people become aware of it (especially since it is so Instagrammable).

The exhibit runs November 2 – December 16, 2017, so best to plan a weekday morning to wait outside, as weekends are much more crowded.

Gallery hours are Tuesday – Saturday, 10AM – 6PM. We will be closed on Thursday, November 23 for Thanksgiving.

Other FYIs from the gallery:

“We anticipate a wait time of 2 – 4 hours to enter into the exhibition. Please note that the line will be outside the gallery. If the wait time exceeds 2 hours, we will post an update with the estimated wait time on our Twitter page.

Visitors who wish to view only the My Eternal Soul paintings at 533 West 19th Street and the Infinity Nets paintings in the uptown gallery at 34 East 69th Street do not need to join the line for the Infinity Mirror Rooms.

How much time will I have in each Infinity Mirrored Room?

Each group of people will be allowed to spend 1 minute inside INFINITY MIRRORED ROOM – LET’S SURVIVE FOREVER.

Each person will be allowed 30 seconds inside LONGING FOR ETERNITY.

There is no definitive time limit for With All My Love For The Tulips, I Pray Forever, but if the number of people reaches 10, then visitors will be asked to move along.

If capacity allows, visitors who wish to enter directly into With All My Love For The Tulips, I Pray Forever and forego the line for the 2 Infinity Mirrored Rooms will be allowed to do so.

How many people can be in each Infinity Mirrored Room at a time?

The maximum capacity for INFINITY MIRRORED ROOM – LET’S SURVIVE FOREVER is 4 – 6 people.

The maximum capacity for LONGING FOR ETERNITY is 3 people (there are 3 viewing holes).

The maximum capacity for With All My Love For The Tulips, I Pray Forever is 6 – 10 people.”