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Help me be a minimalist!


I’m glad that I got some good friend time in yesterday w/ Phil and Sandy at MoMa’s free Friday nights because I needed it before a day of hard work cleaning and decluttering.

Our reign in one of the larger of the coloring rooms is coming to an end, and with it, so is storage of all of our clothing, bathroom items, keepsakes, crafting and tutoring supples, photography equipment, etc!  I am so happy for my husband’s office b/c that room means beaucoup $$ and and even larger project to come. However, that leaves us scrambling this week to DOWNSIZE!!!


Minimalism cutdown underway!

This is only one corner of my overwhelmingly too much stuff portion of the room!

Please release me from my overwhelming amount of excess stuff!

Message me if you want any of this.


Jen – Minimalist in the Making

One boxes – great to stack and create vertical storage. Real wood, so is a bit heavy!


Prescription Eyeglasses -5.5 + Lasik Sunglasses + Blush

Phonics readers!

I didn’t even want this, but Amazon kept sending me bottles. I tried a little of the one on the left, but uck!

This is some expensive face cream my boss got me from one of her movie premiere gift bags. I only use one type of face cream, so don’t need it!

I was going to be a pinata for Halloween, but then was too exahusted. Now I have an extra pinata. Could bring someone a lot of joy!

That is a crazy assortment of sunglasses n’est pas?

So many Hoboken parking permits that I will never use. Will expire at end of year.

I thought I was going to start wearing boy detergent because I like the way it smells on boys, but then it just wasn’t strong enough for my pits. That and another expensive product my boss got for me at a movie premiere.

From the times I got bit by dogs and needed to build up my cultural gut system after the antibiotic apocalypse took place inside my body.

How cute is this roll the die, color association game?

Before I discovered all the natural, more expensive face products I prefer to use today.

When has my hair ever been straight? Naturally this did not work for me.

I now use mud instead of microdermabrasion on my face.

From that time I had my eyes lasered – Manhattan Lasik eye drops

Kids building blocks and dominoes!

Not natural enough for me, but maybe you’ll enjoy this.

More fancy face stuff from my old boss

Another thing I tried on my hair before switching to coconut and olive oil