Matthew Silver – Homeless, Crazy Man or Genius Artist & Busker?


Ever seen the crazy man that dances around Union Square in a speedo?

Courtesy of

Lion Mane

He has a name – Matt Silver – and it turns out he’s not crazy as you may think (although he is crazy, and I mean that in a good, but maybe not so healthy for him, way).
In this set of interviews you can see the clarity, the intentional performance behind his art. He espouses embracing the love that is oneself. One should express his or her love, in his case in grand gestures, not trapping it in like a fart – hence why his signs used to say “fartlove.”

It’s hard to know what exists between his ebullient highs and expansions on love, and the words at the end of one video that note his discontinuation of the mini documentary on him. However, I suppose that’s what makes him an entity, rather than a person, and exciting to follow in his developing YouTube series.
It’s what keeps the flicker lit on a performance that would otherwise have a much more limited review, and it’s evident that people are fascinated by him by the number of videos that seek to explain Matthew Silver:

After watching these videos, the next time I see him I’m going to be less scared. I’m going to be more mindful of the purpose behind his erratic verbal expulsions and Flashdance-inspired, bared high knees topped with pearly, white high top sneakers.
Maybe I’ll even dance with him.