Is this the Messiest Petsit Apartment Ever? & My Nightly Beauty Routine Here



Cleaning someone else's apartment

I have entered some messy apartments, and truth be told, I have probably entered some places just as messy, and for people who haven’t just moved in like this owner, AKA the hoarders in Williamsburg who spied on us! However, I’m still fairly astounded to see that she just up and left with boxes half emptied nearly any which way you turned. However, I understand that struggle of traveling on the regular and not having the time to pack, so I decided to help her out and organize her apartment!

Where to begin?

I’ve begun by clearing this space. Arranging flowers by the window, trying to clear off the table and the bench.

But there’s a lot more to work with!

At least the coffee table is organized!

This apartment has so much potential. It has two sides of windows in the bathroom, and the living room wall, on the lengthier side, is lined with windows. It is a beautiful apartment, and she has wonderful art and furniture, but they just have not been set up yet. I can’t wait to return and petsit here again with these two.

Love, love, love!

Because they are lovely, cuddly companions that I feel in love with almost instantly.

Well, let’s switch gears now, because after a mass cleaning of the kitchen and an overhaul of the coat rack laden with 25-30 items, I needed a little relaxation, me time. I moved to her beauty cabinet, which is a lot of fun because it is loaded with face washes, night and day creams, makeup, etc.

It was time for a little wash with the Murad Cleanse Cream

And then a scrub with GlamGlow Tinging and Exfoiliating Mud MaskFollowed by a brush with Majestic Pure Activated Charcoal Powder

Which obviously turned out very well.

Brushing teeth activated charcoal

The prettiest girl in town

My teeth have never felt smoother, and I think they are whiter? I’m going to take a little powder, as only a tiniest bit is needed, with me to try it out over a course of a few weeks. It’s hard to get my teeth white because I feel on one of them when delivering newspaper in the rain at age 12. It killed some nerves in it, so it’s been dull ever since, but I can at least try to whiten the others before they are fully ruined by my coffee and tea drinking.

That’s all for tonight! Another busy, random day awaits.