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Petsitting in Berlin!


Took a 6:10p flight to Berlin.

Landed at 7:55a.

1 hour of sleep and 2.5 movies: Rough Night, 13 Going on 30 (always a joy watching Jennifer Garner act 13 and smiling with those deepest dimples and chopsticks in her hair), and 1/2 of Baywatch.

A little sleepy after a sleepless red eye flight

Even managed to eat some great trash out of JFK Airport and found an unexpected surprise!.

But we are in Brooklyn! And reunited with our favorite dachshund, Thunder, a petsit client of ours that moved from Brooklyn to Germany a few months ago. I have been missing her so much, and so we are sharing at 2+ week petsit with one of our NYC petsitters, Genn, who handled week 1, while we take on week 2 of living with Thunder.



Beautiful German Weiner Dog

More to come as we explore this beautiful country and share our tips to visit Berlin on the skint (although petsitting is a great first start – free housing!)