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2018: We Will Be Living in an Apartment


Tiny West Village Studio Apartment
(when we are not petsitting)

I did not foresee this coming.

But it all became inevitable when Sandy (my husband) decided he wanted to leave his job a couple months ago, and now has an out date in May. Hopefully he will continue to freelance, as he has spent a decade building this company and would like to keep his ties, but he’ll no longer be a full-time, salaried employee there. Therefore, we can no longer stash a few personal belongings there, and it’s time we pack up and move!

Renting seems so silly when you own two properties – one a two family, and the other a Bnb – but the allure of convenience is keeping us in the city. Lower East Side, East Village, Chelsea – the neighborhoods we were mostly considering.  But where does it seem we will end up?

The West Village

Courtesy of Street Easy

  • Yes. Cutesy as heck.
  • Tree lined
  • Cafe, al fresco dining
  • Located in between a quadrant of movie theatres (IFC, Angelika, Regal Union, and Quad) that we love
  • Close to the PATH train for Sandy to commute and check on the Jersey City buildings
  • Close to both of our workplaces
  • Walking distance to Whole Food and Trader Joe’s
  • Closer to Chinatown
  • Closer to Brooklyn


Courtesy of http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/Question_mark

Perusing Gypsy Housing as I have been the last two weeks of our apartment search, I came across a listing yesterday that I felt was special.

And lo and behold, it is our future home!

Now of course nothing is said and done until paperwork has been completed.

Tiny West Village Studio Kitchen Tour

Tiny West Village Studio Kitchen

Tiny West Village Studio Living Room Tour

Tiny West Village Studio Living Room

Tiny West Village Studio Bathroom Tour

Tiny West Village Studio Bathroom

Tiny West Village Studio Windows Tour

Tiny West Village Studio Windows

Nothing is set until the paperwork is signed and the payment made, but we hope it is not long until we find ourselves quite at home here!