$300 Pancake-Printing Machine Meta Review


Ok. So I’m not about to spend $300 on a 3D printing pancake batter machine. Remember, this is NY Nomads. However, I am happy to take snippets from reviews of this machine from all over the internet, so you can then decide whether this extravagant purchase may be one you derive just enough joy from to make the purchase worth it.

pancakebot demo

Omg. How cute would this potentially be? If it printed just like that!

“The PancakeBot is essentially a printer, but instead of ink on paper it prints batter on a griddle, adding it in stages to create details in light, medium, and dark shades. Sounds insanely cool, right?”

Danielle Centoni

“Don’t expect to just turn it on, add batter, and print a perfectly rendered pancake version of whatever your heart desires. This is one device where you really need to read the manual. You’ll also need to download software to your computer in order to create designs, or upload other users’ designs from the company’s website onto an SD card. But even after setting everything up just right, you still shouldn’t expect anything close to perfection right off the bat.”

Danielle Centoni

The reviews on Amazon are not great.

But this video makes it look that if you take the time – if you are a patient person – it will work!

Feel free to skip through the video to 7:53 to see the final results of their triceratops! It’s beautiful and makes this whole ornate contraption seem maybe worth it!

These folks show a video of it printing one of their faces!

What do you guys think?

Is the Pancake Bot worth $300?

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