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The Most Beautiful Opening Credits I’ve Seen in Years: Dark


I don’t usually write about TV because:

A) I don’t usually watch a bunch with my crazy, hectic NYC schedule

B) Not owning an apartment means that I don’t have a TV. I’m at the mercy of the owners of a petsit apartment as to whether there will be cable, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, etc. to watch, so I don’t count on being about to follow through in watching any one show completely through.

C) I’m embarrassed as someone that sees herself as somewhat classy to admit the enormous amount of screen time I have experienced this week.

However, it’s true I have spent a lot of time this week watching TV as I sit on the couch and recover from a broken toe, and while I’m unsure, a couple episodes into German series, Dark, how I feel about this dark version of Stranger Things, I do know I am drawn in by…

Dark’s Opening Credits

Just admire how beautiful this symmetrical art melds and blends, swirls, covers, and turns, one piece or another from the show into these blurred images that hint at the deep underbelly inherent in the world of the characters in this town haunted by a magical tunnel that echoes the sounds of horror movies that ends with a door leading into a nuclear fallout door. It’s beautiful, and rather than skip through the credits, I watch them each time, hypnotized by the shifting imagery.

It’s amazing how opening credits can make one feel.

Behold some of the other amazing opening credits that have been created over the last couple of decades:

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