Broken Big Toe – Split Right Down the Middle Like a Y


Big toe bone snapped down the middle like a Y

Day 1

Both bones in my toe have splintered like a wishbone, right down the middle into left and right pieces.

The doctor at the City Med Urgent Care said the bone was split like a Y.

I’m in bad shape.

I’m in so much pain by the end of the night I just sit and cry and try to take in long breaths. My husband has been away on a business trip all day, but fortunately he returns at night just when I am at my breaking point and in serious need of some care.
I can’t even think the pain is blaringly prevalent. A sleeping pill and extra strength aspirin are necessary to see me off to bed and release me from the nightmare that has become my waking life.

My broken big toe won't stop bleedingIt would not stop bleeding.

It is a struggle to peel a blood-soaked bandaid off my toe that night, but the pressure and throbbing makes me suspect an infection and I feel a strong need to check what is lingering under this bandage.

Day 2

I’m more coherent, so I have more ability to explain what has happened.

Lesson Learned: Don’t drop weights on your toe from the squatting bar while at Crossfit…
And then continue to workout another 15 minutes..
and then wait 5 hours of perpetual bleeding before going to Urgent Care.
Fortunately despite my idiotic initial neglect, since I got home last night, I have been taking it easy, always keeping my damaged foot elevated, while moving about on crutches and keeping my weight off the broken toe.
The doctors at the West 14th Street City MD were horrified when I took my shoe off and placed me in a wheelchair for the rest of my stay with them. I hadn’t thought I needed an Xray because I could bend my toe. I figured that meant it was broken, but on first glance they seemed to know it was almost impossible it wasn’t broken the way that it looked.

X ray of my broken big toe

I cannot move for the next 7 days, maybe longer, and I will likely be on crutches 6-8 weeks.

I recognize that I will be housebound and sitting on the couch for the next 7 days, not leaving our Upper West Side petsit, because to move even a little is to possibly jeopardize the healing of one of the most important bones in my body. I’ve never done this before! Not even when I’ve been sick.
I’m so lucky that I have a supportive husband that has been checking in on me and who stated up much of the night before to load up on work, so that midday Tuesday he could move me to our UWS petsit and ensure I was healthy and safe that first evening there. It’s so helpful as I’m still learning how to balance myself and get around on crutches. It takes a long time and a lot of focus to do just about anything – use the bathroom, wash my face, make a bowl of oatmeal, etc. I’m awfully clumsy and having to keep things close to me, it is quite easy to knock them over.
Back to my normal self broken toe

Back to my normal self spilling things all over the floor

By the end of the night I’m feeling up to putting away some of our stuff, helping to get us situated at this petsit.

Day 3

My toe has been bandaged – doctor’s orders – and is starting to look a little soggy, but it also is starting to look a bit better.

It’s a little scary to rely on the doctor’s advice that my big toe will heal correctly without a cast with such a definitive break, but the internet says it’s quite possible that it can heal merely braced to the toe next to it. I’ll go in for an X-ray and further followup with a podiatrist in about a week to ensure it is healing correctly.