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My Dirty Little Secret Is That I Want To Clean Your Home!


My Dirty Little Secret Is That I Want To Clean Your Home!


Because I love order and it feels good to be able to use my God given abilities to improve the lives of others.

In today’s video I focused on cleaning the kitchen drawers and cabinets of my petsit. The people that live here are extremely organized and tidy in most parts of their home, but in this one section of their house, clutter reigns.

“When you’ve got a mountain to climb you may as well throw everything into the kitchen sink.”
-David Pleat

It makes sense. Most people have their drawer (or two or three…) where things get tossed. I see this all the time at petsits, but I like to make it easier for people to find things within their homes.

So I spent the better part of the day emptying their drawers, including their cutlery bin, and wiping each piece down till they were sparkling and clean.

Cleaning the cutlery drawer

How often do you clean your cutlery bin?!

Picking up the scattered toothpicks and placing them in a shotglass for easy access.

Digging in under the sink to reorganize all of the cleaning products

Double, triple, quadruple of the same cleaning product is ok, if there are not empty bottles sitting in your cabinet.

Taking out all the nearly empty bottles of cleaning solution and combining them into one to save space under the sink.

Combining all the cleaning products together

Rinsing out each bottle that was to be recycled as in not doing so, the residue left inside can damage a recycling machine and contaminate a large assortment of recyclables. Not always, but the risk is real. So sad.

Don’t forget to wash out your recycling items

It was a little hard to get up to those upper reaches of the cabinet wielding a broken toe, but this step ladder and a little hopping and using my knee as a foot seemed to help.

Step up the ladder one knee at a time.

And there were different places to ledge my foot, keeping it elevated as part of the RICE treatment.

Keeping my broken toe elevated all around the home.

In the end it was all worth it when I went to cook that evening and I knew where everything is!

Organized kitchen drawers are refreshing!

And happier, more organized owners will make for happier kitties.

Thanks for keeping me in good company guys!

Why do I do this?

Because I love these cats, love their owners, and now it’s time to pay back the favor of allowing us to stay in their beautiful home!

What do you do to “pay it forward” and improve the lives of others you care for?