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Finding a Unicorn in the Russian Roulette of NYC Housing


It feels like my birthday because just we were happily set to move into a West Village studio apartment January 3rd, flowing seamlessly from a blissful weeklong stay our upcoming weeklong Chelsea petsit draws to a close on our apartment with an incredible view:

A unicorn emerges.

Courtesy of Pinterest

A Punctual Unicorn

Just as were set to meet and sign for a 9 month sublet of a beautiful West Village apartment, I had lunch with a friend I’ve made through petsitting his loving cat, and he may need…

A longterm housesitter of his home!

While he is away. It’s a perfect situation as he would like a tenant while he is away, and we love his home, beautifully lined with exposed brick, books, DVDs, and records. I won’t give away too many details as nothing is set in stone, but it seems might promising.

We will have to give up our planning from the night before…

But life remains a wild ride for these two nomads.

Now it’s a matter of wait and see as he solidifies details in regards his travel, as it may or may not happen. However, just the prospect of it all is very exciting, and I’ve learned to appreciate the charms of goodwill and timing. It’s funny because he has become a friend, an advisor of sorts over the months I have known him, as much as I’ve become a friend that lends more own perspective to his thoughts, we can help each other. Having a tenant in place will help him to realize something that is important to him (and hopefully he will allow us to cover the cost of his HOA fees and utilities), and he will give us some solid ground to move from as we get ready for a shift in our lives.

I feel a very lucky, blessed soul, even if the world has re-entered roller coaster twists. Somehow things always work out as they should.