A Free Week of Crossfit NYC Classes


I’ve been gone for a bit, but for good reason. With it being cold and bleak outside, I’ve finally come to terms with my disinterest in freezing my butt off and trying to push myself on morning runs. Mix in a little boredom with my workout routine, not having to pay rent and therefore feeling I have some cash to spare, and an advertised free week of CrossFit Nyc and Yoga Vida classes, plus some free Paragon classes, and it was easy to make the decision to take on a trial at some gyms/studios.

This week I will be bringing you articles introducing you into my foray of…

Free Fitness Classes in NYC!

CrossFit NYC

CrossFit certainly seems intimidating.

My relationship with CrossFit up till now was seeing old high schools friends posting their weekly deadlifts and CrossFit “family” photos. It seemed a bit intense for me, and I was not looking to bulk up in the way that I saw these ladies doing taking on this new fitness routine.

crossfit makes you bulky

There’s nothing wrong with this. This lady is enchantingly fit, but it wasn’t what I wanted for myself.

Why I Did It

However, if you know me, free screams my name, and I was easily lured by a promise of a free week of CrossFit Fundamental classes. I figured I’d go, learn some new fitness moves, and then maybe start completing them in my own at home(s) to add a little strength training into my running routine.

How’d I Feel After a Week?

However, after 4 classes, even ones where partway through the class I was regretful for being there tearing up my muscles, I am pretty smitten with the whole CrossFit NYC strength training, team structure, and nice facility.

I took Class A with Sofia Garcia.

I took Class B with Alan Shaw.

I took Class C with Ben Foster.

I took Class D with Paolo Calicchio.

The free week of CrossFit Fundamental classes 60 minutes per class) was just enough to learn the basic moves one needs to know to complete CrossFit classes and to sample the exercises, especially for someone like me who finds it daunting.

I felt so sore afterwards, in a way I haven’t felt since strength training during high school track or my brief stint on the University of Pennsylvania track team. It was very difficult to walk up and downstairs, and for someone like me that tries not to be lazy and take escalators and elevators, I gave myself a pass from these all week. I deserved it after all those muscle tearing squats and jumps.

But I also find myself remarkably focused after a class, and I don’t feel guilt the rest of the day for skipping a workout or not getting enough movement or fitness in my day – the way I usually do!

I also love the team mentality of it.

I have met so many motivated, strong people in my classes, and it’s magnetic. They work so hard, struggle, and put their everything into their workouts. I am nowhere near their level, but it’s inspiring to see what true fitness looks like compared to my shuffle shuffle morning runs. CrossFit sets the tone and with instructors guiding your workout and classmates convincing you that you better push it too, it’s easy to see how such a level of fitness could be achieved.

What is my biggest fear in doing CrossFit?
  • That I’ll end up paying $300/month to continue once my one month Groupon trial is up!
  • That I’ll injure my back….
  • That I’ll get bored (although I guess this is ok as long as I haven’t invested in an annual payment membership!)
Why are these classes free?

Because if you are like me, and many of my classmates, 4 classes of muscle tearing, intensive and effective workouts is enough to make you think about shelling out $150+/month for classes!

Is it a Cult?

Not at all. Friendships develop, but really we’re all out there just trying to get our workout on and our endorphins flowing before we start the work day.

It looks expensive. I’m kind of scared to try in case I like it and want to continue.

Well that’s how I felt anyway.

However, I signed up for my first month… with a Groupon! – Add a 20% local discount to the $149/month Unlimited Classes Groupon, and it was about $120 for my first month.

Crossfit NYC Groupon

Overall and Continuing

Yes. They got me! I’m part of the CrossFit cult now, but only a day into regular, albeit “Beginner” classes, I still feel quite the outsider. Everyone knows so much more than me, and when I asked a friendly classmate how long she had been attending CrossFit she replied, “Not long… About a year next month.”

What?!?!? What level of devotion makes one think “not long” after a year of grueling, although majorly endorphin-producing, CrossFit workouts?!

It will soon cost more than I think I’m willing to pay:

crossfit nyc expensive

Crossfit NYC pricing

But who knows, maybe by then I’ll be convinced that it is worth the investment – and I’ll take advantage of some annual or New Year’s special rate (please!!) if they offer one.

Where can you find CrossFit NYC?

50 W 28th St, 2nd Floor
Between Broadway and 6th Ave
View Location »

157 Columbus Ave., Lower Level
Between 67th and 68th St.
View Location »