Injuries can sometimes be their own odd blessings in disguise


Sandy Patch love

So I’m writing to you from my new stationary spot – the couch – about how I have discovered my injury to be a blessing in disguise!

It hasn’t been the easiest last couple of days.

However, I’m ready to examine the novelty of spending the next week of sitting on a couch, not leaving the apartment for 8 days, when I head to the podiatrist to have my broken toe checked out.

Meet Thumbelina

Luckily we have scheduled a petsit at a very nice apartment in the Upper West Side of Manhattan with a dog that does not like to go outside. So we are both sitting on the couch together a lot, when we are not napping in the bed curled up against each other, or not in the kitchen – her eating kitchen rotisserie chicken and me cooking my vegan meals.

Thumbelina cha cha cha

This little buttercup, Thumbelina

We keep each other in good company during our solitary times together from about 8a when my husband leaves for work until 8p when my husband returns home. I love how she snuggles closer any time I slightly shift away. That body to body contact is so important to her.

Thumbelina mutt

Thumbelina, the cutest, longest dog

I’ve also been quite busy because we have two apartments to list and rent out in Jersey City, NJ. It takes a lot of time to organize for various people, from Craigslist and Facebook, to come see the place, and then of course there are credit checks and such to go through for interested applicants.

Facebook marketplace easy rental

Thanks to Facebook Marketplace it is easy to list one’s apartment and get lots of replies

My bosses have been amazingly understanding of my condition, especially in what is a very busy holiday season. There’s still plenty to keep me busy with work, but I’m grateful to my coworkers who are helping me to realize some of the capacities of my position that I cannot maintain right now.

Injuries can sometimes be their own odd blessings in disguise.

Being injured forces me to slow down and appreciate the simple things I can experience within the confines of a few walls, and I am all the more grateful to all my loved ones that have been checking in on me and to my husband who has been paying special attention to my staying healthy and happy.

As I heal from my broken toe bones

X ray of my broken big toe

My husband has been taking amazing care of me.

sandy patch is handsome

How cute is he?

He is sweet and silly at the same time, and since he’s returned from his business trip, the day that I became injured, he’s been careful to make sure I’m A-ok before heading off to work or any other obligations. He helps me clean my wound and fetches anything my fat little heart could desire.

Thanks baby for being the best.

In celebration of Mr. Sandy Patch, here’s a cute video of him playing with some of our recent petsit dogs:

I hope all of you have loved ones in your lives that you know you can count on to help you through thick and through thin. That’s a huge part of love that we don’t always realize we can count on, but that is very special nonetheless.