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Ok World. I’m Tired of Using Crutches


I Am Tired of Using Crutches

Tuesday, January 3, marks 22 days that I’ve been on crutches because of my broken toe.

In some ways, having a broken toe has enhanced my life:

However, in the end, I am exhausted.

Simply walking a mile, maybe even less, is a lot of me on crutches. The crutches become extensions of your arms to the ground, like the “Crow Fishers” of Mad Max: Fury Road. It takes upper body strength each time you hop and all of the weight of your body drops to your arms. Your abs are at play as you churn your body forward. I can walk a mile to the theatre or an office, but its the returning that is much harder and that led me to take an Uber Pool home from the gynecologist with driver Vishnu, and passengers Krishna and Ganesh (which I thought was a pretty cool coincidence).

Image courtesy of http://madmax.wikia.com/wiki/Crow_Fishers

As I hobble, I think to myself, “Who needs CrossFit? You just need to commit to walking 2 miles a day on crutches.”

I am tired of feeling unable.

My employers have been so understanding the whole way through, but my head is cloudier and I have started to lack some of the normal motivation I have that propels me to act quickly and thoroughly. Sitting inside all day makes you lack motivation to do anything, whether it’s to answer an email or to arrange to see friends. I’m not unhappy. I’m quite comfortable being warm and snuggly inside, relaxing, but I know it’s not terribly healthy.

I don’t like how long it takes me to do the simplest things.

Planning 30 minutes to walk one mile.

Planning 15 minutes to bathe rather than shower, because I cannot stand

Planning an additional 5-10-15 minutes to anything because any time I need to fetch something I need to stand myself up on crutches or wheel around to it on a swivel chair. It’s getting rather tedious.


I cannot wait to be healthy again. It’s been fun in some ways, revealing in many others, but I’m ready to

  • Take on my 10+ miles days
  • Get back to Cross Fit or some other gym or program where I can receive coaching and motivation from others to improve.
  • Feel better at my job because I can complete all of the tasks on my own, allowing my coworkers to focus on their regular duties, rather than the additional pieces that have fallen as my responsibility to one of theirs.
  • Shop at the Green market and choose the veggies and fruits I want from local farmers that I can meet
  • Help my husband more
  • Walk some dogs
  • Everything!

I have all the more sympathy for injured folks or those with permanent physical disabilities. It’s nothing to feel bad about having, but it certainly can make it a challenge when people don’t make space for you on the sidewalk, or offer to hold a door open for you. I will continue to jump at the chance to help others, and now I will move that much quicker or urgently to offer a hand because these people can use this kindness, and it is our duty as privileged able bodied folks to offer what help we can.