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The One Thing I Consider Purchasing for The Person Who Does Not Want Anything for Christmas


I thought about purchasing a Gratitude Diary. “Studies have traced a range of impressive benefits to the simple act of writing down the things for which we’re grateful—benefits including better sleep, fewer symptoms of illness, and more happiness among adults and kids alike.” However, I cannot justify purchasing something we will have to carry with us as we roam the city on petsits, but this has been the one thing I considered purchasing as a holiday gift this season.

I already purchased for us 5 Year Diaries, which we really enjoyed two years ago, and then stopped carrying with us when we brought them to Japan and found lugging them around to be less desirable with their added weight. For daily moving about NYC with petsit backpack storage generally limited to our macbooks, toiletries, clothing, and food, reluctantly these babies had to go.

However, I recognize that a gratitude diary can as easily be kept online as it is on paper. So let’s hope to a year of us each posting what we are grateful for regularly.

3 Things I am Grateful For Today

1) My brother’s sweet baby Beagle puppy, Brody, aged 4 months!

2) My brother finding the love of his life, and someone I hope to welcome into the family one day: Ashia xoxoxo

3) My doting husband who has been taking such good care of me these past couple of weeks as I nurse a broken toe.

Sandy is the sweetest.