Wednesday Weekly Favorites: The Huge Silver Lining to the Election


I’ve been spending a LOT of time housebound with my broken foot, so there’s been plenty of to take in tons of media.

This week I have enjoyed…

1) This clip of Chelsea Handler on the Ellen Show

announcing that she is quitting her talkshow to focus on political activism. She is partnering with Emily’s List, an organization that is endorsing female politicians that will fight for equality and human rights.

“There is a huge silver lining happening with this election, and with as ugly as things have gotten,  and will get, we have to realize this is a beautiful thing that is happening with women. Women are having a movement, and next year, 2018, is the year of the woman, and it is unstoppable.”

Ellen responded that, “As heartbreaking as it is every single day to have a new woman come out and talk about something that has happened to them I agree that all of this stuff had to happen to have this movement, and I think it will help women get elected.

We didn’t get a woman elected, but what we will get in return is far superior,” answers Chelsea. “I think we are going to go the distance because women realize this is an emergency.”


2) The NY Times’ collection of dance videos called Dance in the Real World

3) Beginning Vlogging!

Here are some of our latest Vlogmas Day posts:

You can see more on our Youtube channel as we begin our journey into daily, or at least weekly, vlogging, hopefully providing some entertaining, and not too annoying, looks into our lives as nomadic petsitters!

Enjoy these videos, and happy holidays everyone!


NY Nomads