Crutch Workouts Begin!


This may sound pretty mundane, but today I:

  • Collected the trash and recycling into one place for my husband to bring into the hallway (something amazingly difficult to do on crutches)
  • Tidied up a bit and…
  • Made breakfast

The usual breakfast: Steel cut oats + unsweetened coconut yogurt + sliced golden delicious apples

All accomplishments when you are dealing with a broken foot.

After a week of couch sitting and resting it is time to return to

Working out!!!

Fortunately has some pretty accessible 10 minute workouts for those with a mobile disability, like me. My broken toe does not get in the way of this:

10 Minutes Arms Workout

Or this 10 Minutes Abs Workout

It was hard to complete either of these, which sets for me the goal to work towards of one day being able to complete both of these workout routines. My failure is merely an indication to myself that I need to work on my fitness. I should be able to complete these basic ab and arm workouts. I need to be strong because feeling physically strong will make me feel stronger across the board. I’ll be more confident and clear in my thoughts knowing that I am taking care of my body.

It’s quite like that period right before I injured myself during Cross Fit when I recognized that I was standing straighter and with more confidence because of my developing strength.

Otherwise I may still be on crutches, but…

I’m Slaying in the Kitchen

Being injured and housebound, I have more time than ever to cook now because I have nowhere to commute to. Time is optimized in a sense when you don’t ever need to leave your apartment.

Having a broken toe doesn’t mean I’m not going to cook

I’ve completely cleaned their kitchen, including their refrigerator shelving and drawers and cooked so many healthy meals with the ingredients I procured from a large Whole Foods order through Instacart.

Therefore, I may not be living on $100/week at the moment, but if you are injured like me, find ways to make your injury work for you. Don’t be embarrassed to ask for help. Don’t be ashamed of using services like Instacart or FreshDirect to ensure that you can eat well in a way that is healthy for you and won’t cause you to risk worsening your injury by stumbling about outside. Try to keep some normalcy in your life by keeping up those habits that you can maintain – injury or no.

Don’t be embarrassed by your injury and don’t let it stop you from living a fulfilling and healthy life!