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How To Love Being In Your Office and My Friend Phil


“Phil is single ladies.”
Sometimes when you are on 7 week path of healing with your broken toe, you start to feel a little down in the dumps. “WHEN WILL I BE ABLE TO AMBULATE AGAIN?!”

I don’t say “walk,” because there are so many ways that I want to be able to move that I cannot. Of course, I cannot walk, but I also cannot plank, or do any yoga/pilates/zumba, or other fun exercise classes I had just gotten so fond of. I cannot hop or land heavily on both feet. I cannot do Cross Fit, or other activities that are weight bearing on my left big toe.

What can I do?
I can swivel about in a rolly chair all day. I can use my crutches to move 10 blocks at a time, and no more, because they severely exhaust me. That’s about it.

So to have a friend that can take your malady and make it a roller coaster, is something special. So here, with no more introduction, is my silly, one of a kind friend, Phil.