Being a Quitter & Restarting Blogging


Quitting Daily Vlogging & Getting Back to Basics

I’m sure I’ll go through phases of vacillating between wanting to write on here, versus wanting to pick up some other hobby. Lately, that hobby has been vlogging. I’ve learned a lot from the experience of daily vlogging (youtube video making) over the course of 3 weeks. It’s just as tough as blogging – easier in some ways, harder in others.

I’ll still make some videos because there are some helpful pieces I can put out into the world, like my workout videos for those with a broken toe or foot or…


My Unexpected Audience

Overall, I’m pretty over trying to make inane videos every day that no one wants to watch. However, I’m a little surprised at my  more than 90% male audience! It’s strange that perhaps people are watching me for reasons other than what I intended. I’m not even a bombshell and there are so many traditionally attractive women to watch on YouTube, but so it goes. Truthfully, I thought I’d have a female audience that were curious about what it is like to hustle and live this silly life, but no, my stats show:

Only 42% of my audience is from the US

90% of my youtube audience is male













I’m too lazy, or truthfully, lacking in time, to edit videos properly on iMovie in a way that is palatable for an audience.

Why is iMovie editing of video on your Phone Shitty?

There are 4 songs (maybe I under-exaggerate that number) that you can tag to the video to provide some music interludes, and if you watch vlogs you’ll often notice these are repeated over and over again by lazy, or maybe I should say less ambitious vloggers.

It is very hard to maneuver the vertical cutting button – it can take a frustrating minute+ to get it to the exact space you’d like the cut to begin, if you can manage that – it may be impossible to get it to the exact space you want.

It does not bring me joy. I have been attempting to Marie Kondo my life and get rid of those things I impose on myself that do not bring me joy. This include editing on this POS (piece of shit).

I’d rather spend my time…

Walking and petting dogs and cats that I am petsitting

Oh yeah. That one time Ukraine TV interviewed us… 🙂

Doing my job. Yes. Honestly, I’d rather the satisfaction I get from fulfilling my job duties right and improving the lives of those I work for and with. I want to help others, and they are so much more important to me than the idiocy of trying to win subscribers on my YouTube channel. And performing my work teaches me so much.

Anything else

Vlogging is TMI

Too much of my life is about respecting the privacy of others. You don’t need to know everything I do, everywhere I go, and that’s important when I live in a world that is made up of others’ lives as I am constantly in someone else’s home.

I don’t hate vlogging.

It was quite entertaining when I was tied up at home on bedrest. If anything it’s built respect within myself for those that spend a little of time perfecting their videos, like star Casey Neistat, whose tattooed quote “Work harder” gives me some perspective as to how I can live a possibly more fulfilling life, if that’s the road I’d like to turn down (which I think I’ve already been on for far too long, so maybe that’s why I’m a little reticent to adopt this MO and feel rather loungey some days).

Casey Neistat Work Harder tattoo courtesy of Pinterest

However, it’s time to turn to other things as I heal up, the weather gets nicer, and I want to spend more time WITH PEOPLE, rather than by myself, on lockdown, with a camera, aka lame iPhone.