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Cynthia Nixon Running for Governor!


It’s all over our New York news that Cynthia Nixon, of Sex and the City fame, is going to give 2-term Governor Cuomo a run for his money!

I’m down what she espouses in her campaign, and she seems a fresh face, but I need to do more digging to see what she thinks she can bring about and what her political stances are on topics that matter to me. Gov. Cuomo hasn’t done a poor job, but she seems a fresh voice. I worry she may be too NYC-centric, and although I live in NYC, I still am concerned if she knows enough about the population outside the city. Please readers, tell me if I’m wrong and what you know about Cynthia Nixon vs. Andrew Cuomo!

From Time

The New York Times calls it a “huge undertaking,” given Cuomo’s political experience, his family legacy (his father Mario Cuomo was a three-term governor of New York), and his campaign war-chest of over $30 million.

Time provides a little information on Nixon’s career, but her relevant skills to serve as governor seem spare at best:

She first made national headlines in politics when she became involved in the 2011 campaign to legalize same-same marriage in New York. During that campaign, she lobbied state lawmakers in Albany.

Beyond lobbying for marriage equality, Nixon was active in the Fight Back New York PAC, which works to get politicians who don’t support marriage equality out of office.

Both Nixon and her kids attended or attend New York City public schools. She is a spokesperson for the Alliance for Quality Education, and was recently outspoken against Gov. Cuomo’s recent proposed education budget

Hello Giggles states that:

Nixon is also a champion of LGBTQ rights. In 2011, she lobbied state legislatorsas part of the effort to legalize same-sex marriage. And she has also been honored for her activism by both GLAAD and the Human Rights Campaign. On top of her support of LGBTQ rights, she is also pro-choice and has written editorials expressing her support of Planned Parenthood.

Aside from these social issues, Nixon is also passionate about public transit. Her website states that she takes the subway every day and that, if elected, she will focus on repairing the subway system.

I don’t know why she shouldn’t as I don’t know enough about her campaign, but Conan imagine the Cuomo campaign may look something like this:

So we’ll have to see whether Cynthia Nixon running for governor is just a news blip or a legitimate opponent to Cuomo in the bid for Democratic candidate for governor.

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