Omg People are still visiting this site


Hello everyone!

I’m still around.

My bum toe did not get me. My conscience did.

I was becoming utterly self absorbed. I blame myself, but also understand my circumstances that led to it. I wasn’t sad when my toe was broken, but there is something depressing about being housebound for a month or two and living with the self-doubt as to whether one’s toe will heal properly and allow her to continue living a normal, active life. I was pretty unsure, although I did not know it, and I was pretty secluded from the face to face world.

I understand how those disabled can live their lives removed from as much human interaction. Watching deaf and HNPP inflicted Jessica Kellgren-Fozard – who experiences  extreme palsy in her arms as well as patches of skin being numb, difficulty gripping things, weakness in limbs, as well as fatigue – connect to her audience through her videos is a great way to see the value in the communication one can have remotely, even if not face-to-face:

However, expect me to be back in a new sort of way soon!