My Father is a Scam Artist: Life Lesson #1 – How to Get Free Coffee at Dunkin Donuts


I was brought up with toys stolen from the Salvation Army.

My dad loved stopping by our local Salvation Army, either late at night, after it closed, or early in the morning, before it opened. He’d open the bags Good Samaritans had left there and would sort through the items to find things he could either use or sell. Our household was formed with objects others had owned and donated, and while they did not meet their original intention of being sold in the store, they did help out a poor family.

I don’t take items from SA, Goodwill, or other charities. I’m lucky enough to be someone who donates items there before they meet their demise. However, I did learn a thing or two from my Pa that I’m not completely embarrassed to share.

Here’s Life Lesson #1: How to Get Free Coffee from Dunkin Donuts

Why was my coffee free?

The staffer handed me back my coupon (so I can use it again the next time I’m at a Dunkin Donuts)  and next handed me my coffee.

Was karma involved?

My coffee isn’t pleasant enough to take more than small sips from. Maybe I’ll bring it home to dump over ice and mix with soy milk. However, it did give me a nice, free spot to use the free wifi and observe the city pass by me as I worked at the 6th Avenue and Greenwich Village location. 🙂

Dunkin Donut Holiday Coupons a Good Deal as well

Oh, and the holiday coupons are a good deal at Dunkin Donuts anyway! I think mine worked out to being a $1 per large coffee, which will usually set you back $2.50+ in NYC, and then on top of that I ended buying someone else’s 5 coffee booklets on craigslist for even less than $1 per coupon cause he gave up coffee.

Yes. I’m crazy and may lack class, but be rich in savings 😉