Petsitting Kentucky & Life Update


I don’t write many life updates because I don’t spend as much time smelling the roses, but at the moment, I’m at Tompkins Square Dog Park, my favorite place in the city to take a dog.

My hours at the dog park with KK (Kentucky) have been moments of relaxation.

There aren’t many times I go somewhere and simply sit or stroll around, while all these non-human get to socialize, play, and observe each other. It’s important for dogs to do this. To see others in their species. And it’s important for us too because humans aren’t everything. Dogs aren’t going to bring the destruction of the world, we are (this kind of talk is proof that I just watched the new Mission Impossible – don’t know the # – last night. Pretty non-thought provoking, but obviously the futilism of humanity rants of the “villains” got to me).

So yeah, I’ve been watching movies – Maquia, an odd Japanese anime with an Elektra story meshed with dragon-world-rpg storytelling:

– hosting dinners (Marta, Claudia, Randy, and Branch), learning how to Bokashi composte, and generally living my NYC life, running about the city and performing research for work.

Everyday I think about how we’re further and further from our plan of heading off in a van across the continent. The housing renovations loom ahead. Sandy has been handling these for nearly 3 months and we have not even gotten to a point of demolitioning and choosing a contractor. I always think I ought to manage this to ensure things run on time, but I defer to his greater knowledge base in handling the home repairs and to the fact that contractors have a greater respect for men. I won’t get as fair a quote as him, so I wait.

I don’t recommend buying a house with too many renovations needed if you’re early in your relationship, or if your husband is Uber relaxed about them like mine. It builds resentment every time I think about how we’re paying $3000/month for a house that cannot be used. Total $9000 we’ve thrown out the window, but I keep in perspective that he thinks he is doing the best he can. And we’re lucky to be in a position to throw $9000 away, but the sting doesn’t leave my mind.

Too much honesty for this post?

I think our lives will be healthier when we’re removed from this lifestyle of waiting and heavy costs. I’m only 32, and there are many years to enjoy when we’re past the point of major renovations on the three properties we’ve acquired. When we’re able to do what F.I.R.E. bloggers write about – financially independent retire early. It’s just getting through these years of getting there that are hard.

P.S. Did you hear that they’re trying to not call soy milk milk?