Behind Every Woman…


Running a petsit business.

Managing 3 properties right outside NYC

Managing the affairs of a prominent and busy NYC family.

Mentoring a group of middle schoolers that are organizing the first free Gifted and Talented tutoring program in NYC at University Settlement

Pro Bono admissions consulting for some amazing and inspiring high schoolers

How do I make it all happen?

(By not having children, but more importantly)

My husband, Sandy Patch

When it’s 5:50a and we have to head out the door to catch a 7:11a train to our hike, he offers to walk and feed the dog we’re watching @woofwoofnyc, knowing that I’ll say yes, so I can make and enjoy my coffee and peanut butter, take my time washing my face, and move at my no rush snail’s pace.

When I have a busy Saturday morning, the night before, and have to head out at 6:30a to make it to the gym and then out to help host a 25+ kid birthday party, followed by coffee with a friend from out of town, @misterpatch covers all the 🐶 ❤️ for the day, and then works on balancing all of the books, bills, and mail that comes in for our businesses.

He is so selfless, and he makes every ambition oh mine possible.

He never doubts my dreams, and it’s only because of him that I get to pat myself on the back (which I rarely do because I’m too busy with my head in the clouds trying to fit everything into the schedule of someone who sleeps a full 8 hours every day)

Here he is this morning, earlier to the train station to me, so he can get the tickets and tell me the track number.

My husband is incredible.

I wish every woman had someone so inspiring and supportive behind her.