Giving up Instagram. Returning to Blogging


It’s not easy, but I’m giving up Instagram.


My Woof Woof NYC account I’m passing to my friend, the glamorous and wonderful, Jabu Ndlovu. He’ll handle posting all our dog and cat photos, while handling communication with clients.

I’ll occasionally post on Jennifer Snuffleupagus, but only when I feel driven to it. No longer will I post simply because I desire a reaction.

Why? Social Media is More Harmful as it is Pleasurable (at least for me, and many of us)

According to Time

One study found that positive interactions on sites like Friendster and MySpace could boost a user’s wellbeing, but another found that including strangers in your social network may have a negative impact on your self-esteem.

That makes sense to me. It’s so easy to watch other people experience these lives full of travel, good lighting, lots of resources, money, and sponsorships.

Many Posts are just trying to sell you things. They are using you!

Did you know that an Influencer with 100,000 followers can charge a base of $500 to post about a sponsored product?

Pay attention to those IGs you follow that are constantly pitching products. Don’t like them because all you are doing is feeding into their selling you more bullshit that make you feel you need a face that is tighter, a bum that is more toned, fancy yoga pants, etc.


Even if you can afford all of this meaningless stuff, they’re just making you into a mannequin. Just think about it… They’re choices are influencing what you wear, what you eat, and how you do just about everything.

I’m glad I was born in 1985 because I had the time to live my life without heavy influence from others. We had cool Popcorn commercials:

For comparison, a more recent Pop Secret Dark Knight commercial, just weird:

It looks like they’re just sailing through life, Golden tickets in hand to everything at Willy Wonka’s candy factory:

It’s hard to remember that behind all these extravagances and poses is something a bit more nefarious:


The best at this Influencer game are combing through stats, or having hired guns complete the research for them, to tell them how to best drawer an audience and “likes.”

Guilty as Charged

I’ve long played the game, which is fine and fun as long as I am playing and not devoting serious time to reading others’ posts and trying to post photos others will like, rather than photos I like, but that hasn’t been the case in a few months.

Taking Instagram Off My Phone

So goodbye, nice knowing you, Instagram you are off my phone, because I am weak and I cannot merely allow you to linger on my phone, I need it completely off my phone to resist.


Consider it.

Is Instagram something you open first thing when you wake up?

Immediately when you’re on the toilet?

Do you spend energy thinking of what to post each day?

That was me, and all of the sudden, since I removed it from my phone, it no longer is.

Insta-ntly Better

I know. I know. All hail the IRL Jen. She is so much better.

But really, she is.

I’m taking up IRL living, breathing in the air, being around other people, hanging with dogs and cats, drinking iced decaf Americanos, and… Blogging!

So don’t be a douche. Consider removing Instagram, or Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat from your phone, but keep reading my blog.