How often do you go somewhere and everyone treats you with kindness and respect? My Landmark’s Aquarius Theatre Review


How often do you go somewhere and everyone treats you with kindness and respect?

NEVER. At least not living in NYC 🙂 So when my husband and I went to see 8th Grade we were stark raving mad/thrilled to face by face, encounter smiling, friendly staff eager to make our experience a good one. It was a little bit like being in Get Out, where everyone is just smiling at you through tears, minus the forced feeling on their parts.

Creepy, forced smiles of Get Out
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For some reason we don’t live in a world (country) where people want to be friendly to you

You have to go to Japan for that. Even the bunnies, en masse, are nice in Japan:

I’m used to my Union Square Party City customer experience:

While I’m glad it exists – they have so many supplies- the customer service is appalling. 
I entered at 12p and all 5 employees were by the registers on their phones. When I said hello and asked for help from two, they were so engrossed in their phones they did not acknowledge me.
Finally when one did she was rude. No smile.

Alternate Universe/ Get Out, but not scary Landmark Aquarius experience

The concessions stand operator, the ticket taker, the folks opening the door for you as you exit the theatre. All kind, smiling, making genuine connections with you.

And it’s not just me, over and over again, if you read the Yelp reviews on the Landmark Aquarius you will see the same remarks about the staff:

“found the entire staff to be friendly and accommodating for myself and all of the other guests.”

“found the seats comfortable, with great sound and a comfortable temperature.”

“staff is super nice and helpful.”

“Some might call this overstaffed, but boy were they attentive. Friendly.”

Do you think they hire people that are extremely friendly, or is there a training that creates this uniform friendliness?

They’re hiring if you’d like to find out

And Oh yeah, this place has stadium, reclining seats! What a comfortable experience.

stadium seating Aquarius Theatre

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Plus MoviePass e-ticketing! So you can buy your cheap tickets way in advance and need not get to the theatre early to get your seats.

Where is the Aquarius Theatre? Right in the middle of DT Palo Alto.

430 Emerson Street, by Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA, 94301