Would You Ever Outsource Your Cleaning Chores?


The sparkling and glamorous lifestyle of staying in a co-op apartment begins with us each doing our part to keep the common area clean. For me that means waking up early and getting in everyone’s way as they head to work and I sit and clean the 6 dusty stair flights of our walk up building. The water turns black with silt floor by floor, but I enjoy the slow, repeated movements as I prepare for Halloween watching movies on Amazon Prime from my phone:


As I meticulously rub down the railings and crown molding along the wall edges.

Would you clean the railings yourself or outsource the chore to a cleaner?

One of my friends recently admitted that as busy as she is with work now, and with a slowly increasing salary, she’s started to outsource certain cleaning tasks she would have never thought to before.


For $1.50/lb you can pack it in a bag and drop it off for someone else to spend 3 hours on, and it will return folded in a fashion better than you can muster.

Grocery or Meal Delivery

For $5-15 you can hire someone to deliver your groceries or takeout

Stairwell Dusting & Other Household Tasks

For $25/hour you can hire a Housekeeper.

My Thoughts on Hiring Someone to Clean My Stuff

It’s not the worse thing to hire others to clean. You’re helping them to support their lifestyle and maybe the lifestyles of others in their family or social circles. It’s a nothing up reward someone for their good work. Just make sure you’re not a snob or asshole about it. Be patient if they don’t complete a task exactly how you like it (I’ve seen way too many tantrums from someone I worked for who always complained about her super helpful, efficient, and lovely housekeeper). Be constructive in your direction and gracious. You are welcoming someone into your house after all, not treating them like your own personal mind reader/ servant.

However, for myself, I get a certain sense of satisfaction and peace cleaning up after myself. When one of our neighbors stopped to thank me and all I could reply was simply that, “It’s a good chance to slow down, watch a movie, and get a little movement.”