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Trying to Get People to Show Up to Our High School Reunion


Like most people I grew up attending a school with cliques, bullies, and social shunning.

Despite being one of the few Asians at the school, I did not face much racial discrimination, outside of one jealous not who implied that I only got into the University of Pennsylvania because I was Asian. Umm. Have you not seen that at least a quarter of Penn’s campus is Asian? And it’s quite clear in the latest news that an Ivy League school, like Harvard University, may be choosing to not accept too many Asians, cause racial discrimination is real.

However, we had our differences, that as teenagers / and maybe now as adults, that we could not work out. It probably left a lot of people with a bad taste in their mouth, but I’d like to change that. I’d like people to see each other and have a chance to re-decide how they feel about someone, 15 years out from our graduation. They might feel better, and in the worse case, it will just make them feel justified in continuing to dislike someone.