Why I Love Blogging, But Have Not Posted On Here in A Long Time


Blogs are riddled with posts like these. Unless you are a pro or an extremely devoted hobbyist (maybe you have OCD or a lot of free time), it is hard to keep up with blogging when life is throwing so much your way.

It’s not a city versus country mouse scenario…

…in that I live in one of the fastest moving cities in the world, and therefore have too much flying my way. I think any writer can suffer from this condition – the human condition, where we have so many demands on our attention that we cannot any longer figure out what it is we enjoy spending time on. Parents have children. Workers may have careers. Most of us have TV, movies, Instagram, Facebook, news feeds, co workers, family obligations, the list goes on, that distract us from doing something that may feel a part of us.

My Top Reasons for Not Blogging

Insecurities and Ego

What blogger does not feel that what he or she has written is not good enough to put out there and associate with one’s reputations. It’s all about ego. We want to feel good about ourselves. We want others to do the same. So we spend too much time in the land of self-doubt and nothing is ever published.

I’m Hungry All the Time

I’ll begin writing, like I did with this blog, but my stomach is telling my head to flood with images of peanut butter wrapped around a banana in a flaxseed roti. It’s telling me to drink glasses of Airborne, not because it will make me healthier, but because it will taste good. It’s tell me to buy cubes of Ice Breakers gums to grind my jaws into oblivion as the sweet, mintyness melts into my mouth.


We all need a certain level of fitness to survive, but here in NYC, fitness is a lifestyle.

Have you read the Time article about why people are obsessed with Crossfit?

Do you not see the models, and definitely non-models wondering around NYC in their sardine-tin tightly packed, sealed Lululemon or knockoff yoga pants, slits cut up and down the sides, and in between?

Fitness in NYC is a fascination and a sickness. More of the latter for me. If I don’t make it to the gym 6 days out of 7, I feel like a loser. It’s stupid because there are many other ways to enjoy fitness without it becoming an obsession. For 19 years, since I picked up running in middle school, I have not found a healthy way to cope with workouts. I think I spend too much time working on or thinking about this.


I managed to ditch Facebook. I now spend too much time on Instagram.



A general fear of missing out (FOMO)…

…and trying to cram my schedule with 13 haunted houses during the Halloween season, while also traveling out of the city every flipping weekend because I’m overwhelmed by the noises and general rush of my habitat.


I’m taking the day to have nothing on my agenda (although I have 6 Open House NYC windows open in the line of tabs next to this blog site). It’s why I could start my day wrapping a banana in peanut butter in a wrap, and then consuming lots of peanut butter solo w/ a spoon, sipping some decaf coffee, listening to a Spotify list called “Calm,” in my pink, soft bathrobe. And I’m about to go back to sleep. My body is churning through that food, drawing oxygen from the rest of my body, slowing it down. I’ll wake up… whenever, and slowly move throughout the day.