The Prettiest Chanukah Wrapping Paper 2018


I’m all about giving experiences and time to those you love, and anything sans wrap, or wrapped with paper you can reuse – newspaper, packaging paper that came with an Amazon order, or even magazine sheets. I, myself, often rummage through our shared ¬†building recycling bins for mags to read, as I enjoy taking a break from my phone to read the while running on the treadmill at my gym – hence the stash of Allure in our bathroom ūüėČ.
But… if you’re really feeling an urge to wrap, especially with gifts for the little ones, here are some Chanukah options you may love. I post these over Christmas, as I sadly always find such a lack of these options in stores.
Enjoy enjoy! And maybe save the wrapping paper to reuse next year.
That’s right. Be that annoying person asking your children to unwrap their presents gingerly, without ripping any sheet.
Good luck!