Dear Diary 12/18/18 Why Aren’t Cards Folded Like This?


I want to be able to be able to read the message my grandpa sent me. I want to see it all the time, not the card factory’s image. His words are salient, especially as this may be his last Christmas.

This is the Last Week For…

Gifted and Talented tutoring for me.

Admissions consulting for my high school seniors.

Having an apartment.

It’s the end! It’s the end!

And I’m excited! It’s been pretty good, but having more time in my schedule is enviable, as well as almore control of my schedule. It’s tasking preparing for consulting and tutoring sessions, even if I love the sessions while I’m in the midst of them, knowing I’m making these kids stronger.

Today I’m a little less panicked about everything because we are so close to touching down in Puerto Rico. 6 days!

I can’t wait to get to the All Hands All Hearts site and meet all the inspiring people giving of their time to rebuild parts of Puerto Rico and people’s lives. It’s going to be so wonderful, and packing and not knowing where we’re going to live between petsits (beyond our we’re-very-fortunate fallback plan of being able to book a room at the Bnb as needed) is drawing to the side like a curtain pulled back to reveal the sun.

Get Ready For It! New hair color on the horizon.

My hair is still orange, but supposedly I can layer on an assembly of colors atop it, if they’re vibrant (no pastel trend) enough:


Look at Dem roots 🤨

I had a different color planned, but my colorist had to delay our appointment, so while I wait for a January appointment with her to go — (mystery color) and have her grind my roots, I’m going to realize the ultimate Christmas present I had been toying with as a gift for the kids at my work… Taking my hair to they’re favorite hair color!

They’ve so patiently waited through my bout of orange after excitedly embracing my orange, spending all of October telling me that I ought to dress as a pumpkin for Halloween, and then encouraging me to dye it —— (their favorite color), and why not begin my third @allhandsandhearts relief work assignment with a little fresh color?

Plus I have a bottle of it in my medicine cabinet that will soon cease to be my medicine cabinet, to be replaced by a storage unit with limited space.

Let’s hope this works well over my faded orange. You have 8 hours to stop my from making any mistakes if you think I’m being a fool to add this color Over the orange 🙂

Check back tomorrow to see how this DIY hair project goes.

and Lol at Matt Damon. He’s still got it!