That time we looked at the creepiest and cheapest rental in Chelsea, Mamhattan


T-minus 12 days till we must vacate our temporary – not so temporary lodgings of 9 months.

For the last 9 months we’ve been living in and out of a 1 bedroom apartment at 8th Avenue and 19th Street in a 5th floor coop building. The rent has been glamorous: $1200/month, all utilities included, rather than the $3500/month + utilities price range that befits a furnished apartment of that size with 5 and a half sets of windows.

We just two days ago took a look at an apartment I saw advertised on Craigslist on the other side of the block, at 310 West 20 Street.

That picture at the top of this post looks like a stunner right?

Here’s another image of it with the Craigslist posting description:

Sure it’s likely to be small.

Sure it doesn’t have its own bathroom.

But.. it could suit our needs perfectly and offer us a crashpad to sleep at in between petsits. After all, as it stands, in January, we have so but 7 nights covered with petsits, and in February even less.

However, the moment we stepped into the building, any dream of this as an option immediately halted when ours noses twitched and picked up the scent of urine. The hallway looked like a dive. Was this a men’s homeless shelter or a legitimate rental?

I saw 10 shady male residents shifting about, exiting and re-entering their coffin sized rooms, not one woman. I may potentially be the only female, if I were to rent there, that would be showering, in the one or two shower stalls per floor, in a building full of shifty men.

Uh no, not happening.

And the bathrooms were nothing to write home about, unless you were trying to trust your parents into sending you some money to put towards renting in a nicer setting. The toilets were separate from the shower stalls (reasonable, so they aren’t cut off from someone showing) and simple, white boxes. But nothing was homey about the stalls out toilets. Blank boxes installed into the walls between asylum walls.

To pay $1950/month to experience sudden and constant psychological discomfort is highway robbery.

Also, as we waited for the realtor we snuck a peek at the 1st floor front apartment’s interior when the owner snuck in. One could not see the floor it was so lined with trash. There’s at least one hoarder in the building. With 33 shitty units abounding there likely are more.

Is that why the front smelled like pee? I’ve seen shows where hoarders can’t find the bathroom through their stuff and just pee in a pile. This one has access to many bathrooms, but maybe likes to hoard pee?

Although for $1750/month I considered this alternate available room in the building, without the high ceilings and lofted bed…

But my husband’s immediate guffaw in leaving the building shut down that consideration. We’re much better off spending less money Airbnbing rooms on nights not covered by petsits he said.

Damn. He’s reasonable in a way I am not.