Dear Diary December 16 – This Jersey City Petsit Always Puts Me in the Mood to Relax & Why are these relaxed mornings especially meaningful for us nomads?


How many mornings do I get to write that:

  • I woke up feeling relaxed
  • Spent an enjoyable early morning washing up dishes, as my husband slept off some late night coding, from yesterday night’s superb vegan kitchen-sink, vegetable laden vegan lasagna that our omnivore, used to fancy restaurants because he’s a trader that has to entertain clients regularly, friend could not compliment enough (and which I had for breakfast!), as he quickly finished one plate and went back for seconds,
  • Then lazily took my time feeding the dogs at our petsit before happily sidling downstairs to the building gym to indulge in moving my body?

Yeah. That kind of oozy, like a warm bread pudding covered in a white, sugary glaze morning (I’m interspersedly reading the Thanksgiving issue of BonAppetit as I write this 😆).

At 10:45a we’ll catch a matinee showing of Creed II at Newport Mall’s AMC – a movie I would have let slide past without viewing because I think there are too many boxing movies in existence and I consider adding another one to the roster a slight offense to my film sensibility, but will now see, because heck, we have to stay local to wrap up this Jersey City petsit, and a lazy morning allows for movies you may not care a lot about seeing.

Why are these relaxed mornings especially meaningful for us nomads?

As nomads that roam from one home to the next every few days, all while trying to excel at our FT jobs, while holding down part-time engagements running a boutique Bnb and petsitting business, we are always hustling and hustling to get everything done. It’s insanity.

So, with this petsit that happens to take place at the Soho Lofts in Jersey City, in the middle of nowhere between north of, and in between Newport and Hoboken, we have nothing we can do, but chill at home with the fluffiest and best dressed of our petsit tribe, Aggie and Ollie.’s a time for me to catch up on emails – with friends, family, and business contacts. It’s a time to relaxedly switch between short jogs, ab exercises, and lifting – no rush. I get to simply enjoy the feeling and movement. Sandy gets to work on his coding from a lovely perch on a stool with a 3-way view of all of Jersey City from the high up floor of this corner apartment.

It’s a forced slowdown, and I look forward to the next time we’re here!