Dear Diary December 21, 2018: My Favorite Gym Attendant Left and I’m So Happy For Him


I’ve worked out at many gyms

  • Planet Fitness in Hoboken
  • The YMCA where I grew up
  • Blink, CrossFit, Yoga Vida in NYC
  • Free trials at
    • Gold’s Gym in Downtown LA
    • Beverly Hills Equinox
    • some Jewish gym in Foster, CA when I visited Nicki for a week

    But I’ve never met a gym attendant I connected with or who saw me as a person, rather than another pain in their side to have to check in at the door every day.

    My gym attendant’s name is Moises.

    I actually met him when I was at Blink for 3 months, but didn’t really know him then because there were so many attendants switching through there it was hard to get to know any set one there. But when I switched to Crunch down the street, I was surprised to see someone at the front desk who recognized me and looked familiar.

    “Hey! Good to see you,” he said, a little surprised to see me.

    “Shit,” my mind scanned as I tried to recognize him. “Did he work out at Blink? Or Crossfit.. He recognized me, but I can’t put a finger on who this is…”

    “You remember me from Blink?” he, lucky for me, supplied the answer.

    How could I forget? (Easily. I’m a few steps far from DSM-assigned disorder, prosopagnosia, a marked diagnosis for those with a cognitive disorder in which they cannot recognize faces) I had never really spoke to him there as my go-to friendly, I sometimes engage with gym attendant at Blink had been this young fellow who I met on my first day there. You only need one of those right? Although many of the attendants, if not the managers, were friendly there.

    I welcomed the chance to repeat a face in my life and we chatted a little about his transition here.

    Crunch offered him a set schedule of mornings, of which he could plan his second job, and passion, as a massage therapist, around. This was an upgrade from Blink, where his schedule changed every week, a mix of shifts all around the clock. Not ideal for someone’s sleep schedule or personal affairs.

    He was excited to be Crunch, and I loved catching up with him every morning. But then not 2 months into his job at Crunch, he was offered a FT message therapist job and it felt just as soon as we were getting into a rhythm, he was leaving.

    I miss seeing him in the mornings. The other attendants are great too, but there’s something about having one place you go to daily, first thing in the morning, and seeing the face of someone who makes you feel really welcome.

    Moises, I know you sometimes read this. Never got to say goodbye. Thanks for being you, and all the luck in the next phase of your life. You’re the best, and I’m so glad we got to connect!