Dear Diary


I’ve decided to take this blog in a different direction because there’s enough knowledge based options out there to read, but what if you just want insight into someone’s thoughts?

Maybe you want to know what it’s like trying to manage the lifestyle of a 365-day a year nomad, with a lifestyle largely based in petsitting in NYC.

Maybe you want to hear the mundanity of a life of packing and unpacking – planning and scheduling one’s housing situation – and all the regular flow of having a full-time job in NYC at the same time.

Or what if I simply want to write? In a public way.

It’s been years since I asked for anything for Christmas, but this one has been pretty good this year, and she’s asking Sandy Claus for an e-writing piece that would allow me to capture my though ala traditional diary writing style with a paper and pen, but one that then transfers my scribble into legible and searchable text.

Here goes, my foray back into NY Nomad with a personal narrative bent.