NY Nomads has been dead and buried a year. And now we’re not even in NYC.

It’s hard, when you’re as self confessional as I am on here, to not want to scrap the site altogether to avoid prejudice from someone that may read this site and shrug from something that I write. My name is attached to the site. I’ve had a few professional contacts, and a friend, make indirect marks that are critical as such, but in the end, if I’m going to live my life. If I’m going to think that what I write here may be healing or inspiring for someone else to read, or at the least, entertaining, then I think the value outweighs the petty cost.

Continuing to write here may bite me in the butt in the future like a bad tattoo. What might seem a great idea at the moment may very much so turn out to be the opposite, on second thought. So please forgive me if I write something offensive. Trust that while it’s instinctual to let our differences divide us, it’s instructional to learn about how people function in a different manner from us. Cause I’ll never be you, and you’ll never be me, but there’s a lot of empathy to be built on either end.