Taking Baths in the Sink


Did I really go to Penn for this to be my life?

Oh yeah. That’s right.

I really love it.

I love each and every bath I take where I have to work to earn the cleanness I feel afterwards.

Time to take a Sink bath
It’s not the dream bath, but…

It may not be the most sanitary thing.

Maybe I rub myself with an old kitchen sponge that has lost its charm cleaning dishes.

And I don’t have any body wash. I use method hand soap because I’m hoping the gym opens soon and I’ll no longer have a need for it.

But I’ll be damned if I let this get in the way of my happy little life of living 5 years and counting rent free.

Plus it’s fun having you push yourself to enjoy the simple things in life. Life shouldn’t be easy. Such ease lulls you into a state of comfort that makes your body and mind weak.

Don’t give in to comfort.

Seek to break yourself.

Taking a bath in my sink
Give in to the warm water