Living rent free in the middle of New York City – Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Jersey City Adjacent – these are the adventures, both mundane and engrossing, of the lives of two fairly average, but sustainably creative people trying to live their lives in a way that aligns with their ethics of sustainability, socialism, generosity, and exchange.

Our Claims to Fame:

  • Not paying rent for 4 years in one of the most expensive cities on the Earth
  • Petsitting nearly every day of the year for 3 years
  • Living off $100/week – By
    • Foraging food from the trash or leftovers from our respective careers
    • Refusing to buy clothing new and instead fashioning out outfits via used clothing outlets or Park Slope and Williamsburg stoop giveaways
  • Using savings and workaholic earnings to purchase 3 Jersey City properties within a span of 3 years
    • the two rowhouses that form our eco friendly Bnb and a 2-family rental
  • Running our Bnb through a work exchange programs, like Workaway and HelpX that allow for people from around the world to stay in NYC for free in exchange for helping w/ room turnovers and keeping the Bnb tidy.
  • Growing within our respective professional careers, despite our lack of conformity
  • Educating others on how to live sustainably

NY Nomads is 

Jennifer Liepin

Jennifer Liepin

Career: Jack of All Trades

  • Assistant to a C-Level NYC Family
  • Owner and Manager of Woof Woof NYC, NYC’s first petsitting in-the-home company
  • Co-owner of the Jersey City Bnb, a soon to be 8-bedroom Bnb, located an 8 minute walk from the Journal Square Path train station
  • Pro Bono Admissions Consultant
  • Creator of non-profit educational site Equality.Education
  • Mentor to University Settlement‘s Reach tutoring program

Hometown: Hatboro, Pennsylvania

Years in NYC: 10

Sandy Patch

Sandy Patch

Career: Fixer

Hometown: Cabin John, Maryland

Years in NYC: 14