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Violet Beauregarde is a fox and she doesn’t give af what you think.

If “God is a Woman” a la Ariana Grande, then Violet is the modern, post-consumer Hindu goddess Kali, (or Devi) “of death, time, and doomsday and is often associated with sexuality and violence but is also considered a strong mother-figure and symbolic of motherly-love.”


That time we looked at the creepiest and cheapest rental in Chelsea, Mamhattan


Sure it’s likely to be small.

Sure it doesn’t have its own bathroom.

But.. it could suit our needs perfectly and offer us a crashpad to sleep at in between petsits. After all, as it stands, in January, we have so but 7 nights covered with petsits, and in February even less.

However, the moment we stepped into the building, any dream of this as an option immediately halted when ours noses twitched and picked up the scent of urine.


Learning to Love What You Have


I used to think it was a NYC thing my always lusting over the next best thing. But I liked to separate myself from other NYers because I desired something bigger, immaterial. I desired to move to a third world country to begin work at a nonprofit, likely in disaster relief, education, or housing development. I wanted to help those in greater need than those in my country, as no matter how poor, Americans can somewhat count on a relatively robust welfare system.

All this felt a noble pursuit, but in the background I was feeling material frustration. 
After selling my half of a Hoboken condo I shared with an ex boyfriend, we had enough to place a 25% down payment on a 3rd property…


The Prettiest Chanukah Wrapping Paper 2018


I’m all about giving experiences and time to those you love, and anything sans wrap, or wrapped with paper you can reuse – newspaper, packaging paper that came with an Amazon order, or even magazine sheets. I, myself, often rummage through our shared  building recycling bins for mags to read, as I enjoy taking a break from my phone to read the while running on the treadmill at my gym – hence the stash of Allure in our bathroom 😉. But… if you’re really feeling an urge to wrap, especially with gifts for the little ones, here are some Chanukah … Read More


2018 List of Holiday Activities And Other Things to Enjoy in NYC this Winter


Hi everyone, As you may know (unless you’re new to NY Nomads) I work as an Assistant to a very nice family in New York City! Part of this position entails helping them find ways to enrich their lives, including creating a list of fun activities they can enjoy as a family. Please find below a mix of Christmas, Chanukah, and other lovely activities to enjoy in NYC this November, December, and January. And if you’re looking for something else enriching and fun to enjoy with your children, check out some of our free learning resources at Equality.Education   Activities … Read More