Best Shape in Years on my Raw Till 4 Diet

by Jennifer

I’ve never felt better since switching from a low carb to a high carb Raw Till 4. When I run, I run full of energy. When I run, the energy flows through my body, and where in the past I may be hungry after 3 miles of running, on my current high carb diet I feel evenly sustained throughout my run.

Froyo composed of frozen bananas and soy milk, blended

I’m hungry sometimes. I miss eating sugary, fatty foods, like cookies or brownies – more importantly, froyo covered in oreos or brownies; however, I get plenty of sweets in the morning and carby starches in the evenings noshing on potatoes and rice.

Froyo, courtesy of a couple frozen bananas blended with a 1/2 cup of soy milk, is delicious and sometimes more filling when blended with some soy protein powder, and an adequate substitute. However, when you eat it all the time, it sometimes gets to feel more ordinary than it should.

Hudson Yards being built up near the West Side Highway

Regardless, I have my runs, and I have my future of blue skies and warmers days ahead of me as I head to California in a few days. NYC may never completely chill over with climate change, but if it does I’ll be dodging a complete ice-over of my days that would prohibit me from running.

The Cheapest Way to Change Your Hair Color in NYC

by Jennifer

Have you heard of Salon Apprentice?

If you’re willing to spend a little extra time at the salon, you can receive free or discounted services – hair cuts, colors, bayalage, highlights, the works!

Salon Apprentice links you up with hair stylists – many who have years and year of experience, but are looking to improve or join a very exclusive salon and therefore need to train in a 4-5 year apprentice role.

You do not need to have professional hair model or modeling experience to volunteer, and all you need to is choose your city and read through the listings to find an appt. that fits your needs and schedule.

Here’s my before and after with Yi:


Before – blonde, fried hair, with about 2 inches of roots

Before – blonde, fried hair, with about 2 inches of roots



Standing silver at my petsit over Winter Break

Silver – courtesy of Yi at Soon Beauty Lab

I’ve had numerous positive experiences with Salon Apprentice from multiple locations – Fox and Jane, Soon Beauty Lab, Whitemore House Salon, etc. The only advice I have for you is to avoid Carsten, Aveda, and Arroyo – which often have newbie stylists and will either not do as good a job as other salons – or which may require a long, long sit as they often need a lot of help from the Master Stylist monitoring them as they cut or color your hair.

Unfortunately my silver hair color from Yi quickly faded – about 3 weeks – and not amount of toning with purple shampoo seemed to reviving that silver color. I suppose I could have purchased more toner, but with my hair a light, ashy blonde, nearly devoid of color, I decided I wanted to add color.

Fading color

Nearly white – silver faded 3 weeks after my hair appointment

Step in stylist, my husband, Sandy Patch, who grew up as the test gerbil of a Colorist-gone-mad who loved dying Sandy’s hair red, polka dotted, striped, etc. while he was in high school. As a result, he’s had a lot of experience bleaching and coloring his own hair, and was more than happy to step in and give me a little color.

We popped into  Ricky’s on Saturday, where you can pick up a tube of Sparks Hair Color creme for $8.99. You can save a bit purchasing it from Amazon for $5.26, but I was too impulsive and eager to try out some color.

I decided to try Mermaid Blue, and while it certainly was effective, and I certainly did turn blue, it was not an evenly distributed blue as a tube was not enough to cover my thick bob. The color came out patchy, and I hated how bright it was.  I wanted something different, but I did not want to stand out or look unprofessional.

My favorite stylist, my husband, Sandy Patch

Soo, as you can see in the picture above, we bought some more color – this time Starlight Silver.

What results is the hair color below.



Blue Hair, Don’t Care (j/k. Hair color makes me nervous!)

Choose your own adventure, but if you want to do it cheap, either check out Salon Apprentice or try out a bottle of Sparks Hair Color.



One Week Till I Move Across the Country!

by Jennifer

I had not been thinking about the date, but realized last night that I am one week away from moving to California to begin my little adventure into the wild yonder of:


Vegan advocacy

10 Billion Lives Tour

College campuses

Camper (Class B) van living

A different flavor of nomadism (I’m so glad I am staying true to the name of this site!)

Showering at Planet Fitness

Separation from my husband, Sandy, and everything I have lived in the last 8.5 years in NYC

My handsome man at the summit of Mt. Fuji

I’m not nervous or scared by the intensity of the work ahead of me cause although there are 55-hour work weeks, which begin with a boot camp training and living with the Tour Managers, the incessant roll of my current jobs – lesson planning, teaching, traveling to gigs, responding to guests on Airbnb, cranking out schedules for work exchange guests, scheduling petsitters –         will stop!

Awake 16 hours a day X 7 days in a week = 112 hours – 55 hours working = 57 hours of freedom!

Those sweet 57 hours of running, hiking, writing, drawing, reading, lathering on sunblock, researching local movie theaters, writing love letters to Sandy, biking, getting to know my co-operator, Grace, meeting new people, discovering new landscapes

4 Sustained Months of life on the road.

Followed by a month to Thailand catching up with my husband.

Then applying to jobs and re-setting my tutoring/petsitting schedule

Long distance relationship

The next four months will be colorful, and the only thing I am thinking about missing is Sandy. However, it is important, if you can, to take breaks, and as Sandy runs a company, it is important that he stay here. The separation also provides this beautiful chance for him to suddenly gain hours and focus – without me there to distract him – to complete two films he has been working on with footage he shot in Ecuador six years ago. I can’t wait to see what he does as ever since I saw his short film, it’s been a hope of mine that he would continue to create beautiful footage and narratives of unique souls that would go largely unseen.

Good luck mon amour. I know you’ll read this the instant I post it, and I love you and am proud of all you have done and will be doing.


How to Date Town and Country’s 50 Most Eligible Bachelors

by Jennifer

Town and Country‘s “50 Most Eligible Bachelors” list just came out and includes categories of men, such as “The Future” “Heirs Apparent” and less favorably, “Returned to Market.” The list include some predictable candidates: Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter, and Cory Booker, NJ Senator and Presidential Hopeful (who I have met when he spoke to my cohort of the Newark Teaching Fellowship, and is much more handsome and charismatic in real-life).

Jack Dorsey, a co-founder of Twitter

NJ Senator, Cory Booker










I’m unsure what someone is supposed to do with this information. Are we supposed to look at this list and think, “Ooo which one do I most want to date?” under some false belief that there’s a chance that one of them would fall for one of us, the 99%?

A) I’m married.

B) I have property, but live like I’m homeless.

C) I’m not rich tycoon skinny or manicured.

My chance of landing en eligible bachelor? 0.

Your chance? 0.

However, let’s say you wanted to be a bit psychotic and completely change who you are to stalk, sink, and land one of these suckers. What would you need to do? Who would you need to be?

Who are the women that Town and Country’s 50 Most Eligible Bachelors date?


George Spencer-Churchill – ready for high school prom – with his main squeeze, Camilla Thorp – at some rich people’s race

Meet George Spencer-Churchill, who was born in the flippin’ 90s, and doesn’t look a day past 18. Why he is on this list when he has accomplished absolutely nothing in his life? He’s set to inherit Blenheim Palace in a country that ritually funds the lives of a select group of blood relations, all on the basis of tradition.

He has been paired to super skinny, blonde, Camilla Thorp, 6 years his senior, whose Instagram reflects a rich bitch, careless, party girl, who is a daughter of “designer of choice for the super-rich,” Philippa Thorp.

What do you need to date a royal?

  • $$$
  • Be super skinny and blonde
  • Know how to party




Lois Gouger, “iconoclastic” curator at Christie’s


Lois Gouzer – curator extraordinaire at Christie’s auction house.

Who does he date?


Game over. You lose.

If his standard is January Jones, you stand no chance.








Thomas Salomon, heir to a company that likes to skin animals to make their clothing.

I couldn’t dig up any dirt on who this douchebag, Thomas Salomon, heir to a furrier, dates. It’s likely for good reason considering that he and his family line believe it is okay, even great, to raise animals in horrible, unspeakable conditions, and then skin them, sometimes alive, for the sake of helping rich people feel fancy.









By the time I got to Thomas Salomon, I was too upset to continue looking at this list.  I don’t know why Town and Country thinks it is acceptable to place a man who supports torturing animals on its list of eligible bachelors. Seems sick to me to think we live in a culture where this is acceptable, even admired.



by Jennifer

“The 2-second daily diary.”

Emojiary is this really promising sounding app, that as far as 2014, existed – but no longer does!  The site exists, but doesn’t work anymore. Reviews and tech articles exist surrounding the app, but it Emojiary is a ghost – an app with so much potential, that I would like to use, that no longer does!

With Emojiary, each day, you could write a simple log of how you feel:



I imagine the diary above goes as such:

  • Thursday – sleepy and not getting out of bed
  • Wednesday – blindfolded and surprised with a gift of a beautiful new dress. I’m in love!
  • Woke up cranky. Had eggs. Wrote a bit. Was peaceful. I took a trip into the city and watched a sunset before getting drinks with friends. Successful day!
  • And so on…

Not limited to a rote standard few options, as you could choose from random Emojis, such as  “turtle shell” and “Green Juice Cleanse” to describe your day.

Choose an emoji to describe how you feel.

Choose an emoji to describe how you feel.

Where did this cute little app go?  Will it ever come back?

Why axe an app that was already developed?

Why not charge $.99 for it on the app store and allow for a minor income, while letting diary nut jobs like me reap some joy from it?

Would you use it?

Poor Little Edith is at the Emergency Vet right now

by Jennifer

Under a 24 hour watch as she got ahold of her owner’s bottle of Vitamin D gel pills.  The bottle was closed, but Edith managed to gnaw the top off and consume all the contents inside – about 10-20 pills.

Edith Buttercup, almost 1 year old

Edith Buttercup, almost 1 year old

Vitamin D Toxicity in Dogs

When ingested in exorbitant levels… vitamin D can cause serious health issues.


Vitamin D toxicity is an emergency that requires immediate treatment and hospitalization. In fact, the initial 72 hours are crucial in saving the life of your dog. If the compound containing toxic amounts of vitamin D was ingested recently, your veterinarian will induce vomiting. There are also various drugs which bind the toxic compounds and prevent further vitamin D absorption.

To maintain proper hydration and correct electrolyte imbalance, intravenous fluid therapy may be utilized. Additionally, intravenous fluids are important in promoting the excretion of calcium through urine.


She was rushed to the vet, when this was discovered. She seems to be doing well and was fed charcoal, given a blood test, and is under 24/7 monitoring. It’s a whopping $2500 per day of treatment and the vet is recommending Edith stay with them three days. We are hoping for the best for this precious gem.


First Year of Marriage; I’m Heading off on a 4 Month Trip Solo

by Jennifer

My husband and I did not know if we make would it through our first year of marriage.

We still are not there a full year. Our first year anniversary will hit March 21, 2017.

And I’m set to head off on a 4-month gig that is relocating me across the country.

Most people would be skeptical as to whether our marriage is solid. It can be challenging for either of us to link up long-term as we are both adventurous, independent ENTP‘s (Myers Briggs Personality Test) – subsection that 3% of the American population makes up. “Debaters,” we are described as those who “are on a constant quest for knowledge…(that) enjoy the mental exercise found in questioning the prevailing mode of thought, making them irreplaceable in reworking existing systems or shaking things up and pushing them in clever new directions.”

Therefore, Sandy and I do not adhere to societal norms; we search for our own meaning and sense of “right” and “wrong” in a world shaped around mores and customs. This is awfully handy while we watch each other dig wrapped sandwiches and salads out of Pret A Manger’s curbside, black trash bags and don’t bat an eye, even encouraging each other when we make out with a good haul. We support each other’s need for solidarity and reflection at times, and it is only in my greater desire for turbulence and his for stability that things start to violently stir at times.

Naoshima Island

Naoshima Island

January 26, I will head off to California for 4 months. Many are concerned about the why; but even more are concerned with the “how,” in terms of our relationship.

Ask me a year ago whether I thought it was healthy or feasible for us to be apart for more than a year, and I would have said, “No.” However, flash forward to now, when I feel so secure in our financial investments in properties in Jersey City and Hoboken, partially from our both working our tails off over the last eight years of our lives. Although I love my husband, I am searching for meaning on a greater scale. Working one-on-one with kids, all within the top 1% of America/the world, through tutoring is not sufficient for me to think that I am truly doing my part in teaching others how to improve our society. I am grateful for my job, and I love all of the families that I work with. However, having the opportunity to teach college students on a massive scale about the importance of reducing meat in their lifestyle – therefore, inducing changes in their food choices – therefore, leading to greater health, animal living conditions, and environmental and societal impact for the world – is something that in my heart I know I can not resist.

I’m fortunate that I have a family that has always told me to follow my heart, even if I am often driven to follow my head (typical ENTP), and a husband that believes in my ability to make sound decisions that allow for me to be a better me, ultimately benefiting our relationship as I develop more confidence in awareness in how I am leading my life. I would love to be less of a pain in the ass, but the saving grace of our relationship is that there is such a level of understanding, curiosity, and empathy – more often on his part – that allows us to be who we are, whether or not it bucks any sense of traditional marriage.

Art Island, outside Takamatsu, Japan

Art Island, outside Takamatsu, Japan

Becoming a Vegan Mentor

by Jennifer

It’s easy.

Vegan Outreach

Head to Vegan Mentor Program and complete an online application.

They will hook you up with someone who is looking for a mentor, or if you are seeking a mentor you can find one here (or email me as I’d love to support you in your transition!

Here’s a sampling of my answers:

Please write something (a short paragraph) you want your Mentee to know about you.

  • Hello Mentee. My name is Jennifer, and I’m a long-term vegetarian, recently vegan, who has been lucky enough to have the support of my longterm vegan husband to see me through my transition into veganism.  It has been challenging for me to say good bye to yogurt, cheese, etc 100% of the time, as I’m easily tempted to cheat when I see a tub of Cookie N Cream ice cream in the freezer of one of my petsits.  However, I know what I am doing is the noble and righteous thing to help save cows all over the world from the fate of becoming another abused dairy cow. Now, I know that not everyone has such support, so I’m hoping to provide it to you as you make this self-sacrificing, sometimes challenging transition into reducing meat and/or dairy in your life.  I have all the respect for you and want to do my best to make you feel that you have a cheerleader in your corner that can provide you advice and motivation to continue down this path.  I won’t judge you if you have slip-ups and will instead look to support you and encourage you as you improve the world little by little through your decisions!


Would you advise a mentee to adopt a restricted version of a vegan diet such as no processed foods, no cooked foods, gluten-free, only organic, etc., and why? 

  • Yes. I would advise them to take whatever path they choose, so long as they are aware of certain vegan vitamin supplements they can add to their diets to ensure they are hitting the various calorie types, vitamins, and minerals that they should look to consume daily. I won’t pass judgement on others for pursuing a specific diet, as I myself have been following a Raw Till 4 diet for the last few weeks and having been feeling great about my decision to follow a diet that is nearly 100% waste-free and healthy when supplemented by vitamins.

How would you respond to your mentee if s/he said, “I decided to go vegan and I’m getting a lot of negative reactions from friends and family. How should I respond to them?”


  • Often I think people are negative about veganism because they feel some level of guilt about their own choices to not pursue such a lifestyle.  Although it may not be said, they may feel that there is some level of judgement that will be passed on them by the person choosing a vegan lifestyle. Therefore, I think it is important that people pursuing veganism should approach detractors with an awareness of this mindset.
  • While it is wonderful that you have “awoken” to the horrors of livestock and the benefits of a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, you cannot assume others have or are ready for this.  Therefore, judgement should not be passed on others, and one should help others to feel at ease by expressing to them that while you are choosing to refrain from eating meat and/or dairy, you do not judge them for continuing to consume animal products.
  • Next, you can choose to explain your reasoning.  Discuss the harmful conditions of livestock. You do not need to convince them to go meatless, but you can certainly serve as an advocate for vegetarianism or veganism by educating others as to the realities of life inside a dairy farm or slaughterhouse. Those that are willing to watch the 10 Billion Lives video or Earthlings, you can recommend these films to, so they can choose to educate themselves of the horrors of livestock.
  • However, take things one step at a time. Assume that every person has their own path and way of thinking, and that while they may begrudge your lifestyle at the moment, it is not to say that they will never change their minds about this condition.
  • Keep your relationships strong, and do not let this choice be a divisive matter in your lives as what you choose to put in your body does not affect anyone else, beyond improving the world on a general level.


Happy New Year… New Job, New Lifestyle!

by Jennifer


Olive Boo, my favorite black cat.

Olive Boo, my favorite black cat.

This girl is hitting the road – 1/26 – 5/22 – to work as a Tour Operator for the 10 Billion Lives Campaign.

I’ll be heading across the country, setting up viewing kiosks all around California and the Southwest, to show viewers the terrible conditions that farm animals – cagefree and free range alike – suffer in order to make it onto the plate.

You can make a change. We can make a change. Check out the link below to learn more.

Banana Diet

by Jennifer

WHY ARE YOU ON A BANANA DIET?! That sounds… bananas!

Technically, I am on Raw Till 4

Why Raw Till 4?

Because Shakeology and all those other diets prescribed by companies are mostly looking to make a profit. They are effective, but I just don’t like the idea of purchasing their products every week. I want something easy, sustainable, unprocessed, and un-manufactured.

Benefits of Raw Till 4

  • High energy – unlike low-carb diets that have left me feeling sluggish, bananas are a well known source of energy, so you are able to complete workouts as per the usual.
  • Eat as much as you like – bananas are surprisingly satisfying and filling, despite their one note nutrients and chemistry. I crave eating some lentil soup or mixing the bananas up into a smoothie, but supplementing these items is enough for me to  not feel a lack.
  • Cheap – 5 bananas is about $1.  Eat 20 a day for $4 or 30 for $6. Throw in some protein powder, soy milk, and vitamins, and it can be a lot long term sustainable and healthy.
  • Low waste – especially if you can escape the unnecessary practice of bananas wrapped in plastic, as the skins can be composted.

Protein and soy milk containers can be recycled

 How Do you Do Raw Till 4?

FAQ From Banana Girl herself, Freelee



Cleanse my pallet.

Simplify my food choices

Do something outrageous to my body

Shed a couple of sedentary pounds that slip on when I deviate from my more active days of 8 mile runs and 10 mile bike rides

Feel good

Unfaithful to the idea