Budgeting: Company Role Vs. Freelance 


I have some second round interviews coming up at tutoring companies – Inspirica and Pinnacle – to manage their tutors or their clients. Both are fantastic, established, stable tutoring companies. While I’m eager to have the support of an office behind me, I’m unsure whether I’m willing to let go of some of the flexibility of working as a freelancer.


Takeaways – Part 1 – From 2.5 Months of Travel Throughout the West Coast 


At the end of the day, it’s not the end point, it’s the journey that counts in my nomadic string of travels on the West Coast.

It won’t be long till everything feels stale, living in one place, but at least that place happens to be one of the liveliest, and one of my favorite, places on Earth – NYC.

There are many reasons for wanting to return:
My sweet tutoring families and petsit clients.
Reconnecting with my NYC friends…


Wowfulls. Yes, please!


I must be late to his game, but wowfulls?! Omg!!!

Wowfulls are Hong Kong-style egg waffles covered in ice cream and custom toppings.


Preparing for Last Minute, Free Stay in Hawaii


Sorry I’ve dropped off the radar on here. I wasn’t getting 500 visitors /day consistently I did with the one major post about Sandy and my relationship (you all must love drama!), so I had thought this site just wasn’t interesting for enough people.
However, even without posting this site is receiving 50 visits a day.

And I have a lot of new, exciting life changing events set to occur and interesting things that I have experienced in the past few days to post…