Sleeping next to Bob Hope Airport and Building a Friendship on Tour 


Burbank Airport van camping

Do you have an early morning flight and want to sleep near the Bob Hope International Airport?

Are you a high roller with a Planet Fitness Black card ($20/month) like me?

Planet Fitness Burbank

Well, then you can park your vehicle outside the Planet Fitness next to this airport and have full access to a wide range of their services:

Bathrooms with running water
Hot showers
Massage chairs and beds
Full gym (of course)
And a large grocery store and a laundromat just steps away
Why that’s cheaper than a hotel!


Post Breakup Planning 


There are times, like pre-dawn when I run past Burbank Airport, which we slept at the edge at last night, when my eyes feel heavy and for a glimpse I feel the loneliness, post breakup, that makes you want to die.  The feeling shakes quickly. Just drops from your head as you step into the glow of a streetlight. Grief is absurd. There’s too much to do, and I’ve learned from past breakups that the pain is self-inflicted. We become so disappointed in the person we thought was supposed to be there for us. Too much reliance – other people … Read More


Part 2 of “Our first fight 2800 miles apart”


Yesterday morning after I finished writing my blog, I went into Food 4 Less to pick up some fruit. Pulling out my wallet from my pocket, I watched coins scatter across the floor, realizing in a dumb moment of panic that I had not zipped it shut the last night when I stuck my new F.A.R.M. Amex card in it. Everything on the floor. Ching! ching. ching. I knelt and crept on my hands and knees, pulling up coins, laughing lightly to myself at being the only one huddled on the floor grasping at pennies and nickels, as shoppers with … Read More


Basement Discoveries – High School in Two Minutes


As I mentioned in my last post, lately I’ve been focusing on organization. When I took a trip to Hoboken a couple weeks ago to clean up our storage unit, I found a torn up bag filled with the old Hi8 video tapes that I had recorded in high school. Over the last two weeks I’ve slowly been digitizing them so that, in 50 years when I want to recall how I spent my youth, I will have video records to share with the world.


10 Billion Lives – College of the Sequoias stop


Visalia, you impressed us with the kindness of your students.
A city in the middle of an agricultural area, we were sure to meet students and those with family that work on farms, and some in slaughterhouses. There’s worry that some get desensitized to witnessing and inflicting violence on animals as a self defense mechanism one may develop to make such brutal work feasible. We understand that the farm industry is a business and one that many feel they have to work in to support themselves or their family. Doubtful anyone chooses to do this under any circumstance, other than duress.

However, despite meeting students under such circumstances, you were open and honest about your affiliation with such companies, and spoke to the many horrors you or your family have undergone witnessing animal slaughter.

To the student who works on a turkey farm and expressed needing to give up eating meat after witnessing baby chicks – just days after birth growing adult feathers bc of the heavy level of hormones they are given to grow to full, monstrous proportions in mere months…

To the father who must day after day slit pigs from neck to bottom, watching the blood drain out while the pigs’ body throttles and spasms as the life drains out…


Living Solo in NYC – Two Weeks In


What will I do when my tour ends? Return to NYC?

It was two weeks ago today that I dropped off Jen at the airport.  So what have I been up to since she left?  Well, for starters, I’ve tried to keep busy.  Very busy.  I’ve been lucky enough to marry a planner who finds fun activities for any open gaps in our schedule.  She’s helped me move away from 100 hour work weeks and find a better balance between work and pleasure (though they aren’t always mutually exclusive).  My main goal for the time that Jen is away is to not drift back to the all work and no play Sandy of yesteryear.  Here are some of the activities that I’ve filled my time with.


Raw Till 4 modified diet 


How am I doing on the 30 Bananas a Day turned Raw Till 4 Diet? Day 46 My Tour Partner just asked me how long I had been eating this way. Every day she watches me eat something similar to the following: 1 large papaya 9 bananas 1 large potato 2 medium sweet potatoes No salt ketchup Chocolate pretzel Nugo bar Dark chocolate raspberry Nugo bar Kale 4 carrots 1/2 sweet pepper 2 peaches 20 dates Coffee and 1/2 cup unsweetened soy milk Half pack Trident spearmint 1 large papaya 6 bananas 2 apples 1/2 pepper Kale 1.5 tomatoes 2 … Read More