A Smart Car in Death Valley

by Jennifer

We booked a 2012 Smart Car fortwo from Andrew through the Car Borrowing App – Turo.

It was a wonderful experience!

The car is a little small. Picking up the car we were a little unsure whether we would be able to fit all our camping accoutrements in the back…


Why are there sand dunes in Death Valley?

by Jennifer

Why are there sand dunes in Death Valley?

The sand dunes of Death Valley are in specific areas not because the sand was generated where it has fallen, but because these are areas where the sand has become trapped. The sand comes from eroded canyons and washes, and when the wind blows them to these areas, it gets caught and creates sand dunes…


Looking Forward 

by Jennifer

It’s weird, 3 months ago, to think that I was heading out on a work tour through the end of May. Animal rights activism. Living in a van.

Seems so far away now.

It’s been 20 days – 3 weeks – since I quit that job. I haven’t looked back once. No regrets about quitting. It has been an unexpectedly warm, interesting, welcoming life I have stumbled into since leaving the tour.
Sometimes I wonder, “What is happening to Grace (my tour partner)?” I know she is back on the road, but I have no idea who she is touring with. I wish her well and hope that the tour has significantly improved since my form of protest in quitting.

Since leaving, all I do is look forward…


Eating Cheap – Raw or Raw Till 4, Vegan in Las Vegas

by Jennifer

Eating Raw Till 4 in Las Vegas doesn’t have to be expensive.

Fruit in the Southwest – Nevada and California – generally is pretty cheap! Less travel costs = Less cost for you.

We are talking

$2 large papayas
20-cent ripe Golden Delicious apples
33-cent kiwis
33-cent golden mangoes
$1.50 10 lbs bags of potatoes
50-cent per pound tomatoes…


Let’s Boycott Megabus 

by Jennifer

“Dear Jennifer Liepin,
Please check your email regarding your delayed service.”
A 3 hour delay awaits me ahead of a 7 hour bus ride from San Francisco to the Los Angeles area.

Instead of the original plan to arrive at 7:50p in Burbank, I can expect to arrive at midnight.


Why You Should go to Urgent Care EVERY Time You Get an Animal Bite

by Jennifer

The last time I received a dog bite… I got a bad infection.

It is very important that I went to the Urgent Care in Cobble Hill, as when I took my bandaid off my clean looking cut was starting to look yellow under the flap of skin covering it.

The doctor pointed out streaking on my forearm – a red line extending up the vein of my forearm. “That is the infection spreading to the rest of your body,” the doctor informed me.
He used to hook me up to an IV of antibiotics.


Why You May Not Want to Work for the Farm Animal Rights Movement

by Jennifer

Why do I write?

I write so people can feel, know, and understand.


And sometimes avoid experiences I wouldn’t wish on others.

Cooking my breakfast of oatmeal and stewed bananas the night before, so I could munch my breakfast the next morning without disturbing Grace with my cooking.

What was it like working as a Tour Operator for the 10 Billion Lives Tour, run by FARM?

It’s been a hard week – between:

  • Quitting the F.A.R.M. job, due to extenuating circumstances.
  • Facing the consequence of my Co Operator being stressed by the circumstances, and now tiffed at me that I didn’t give more notice and have postponed her work through the org
  • Planning to visit my friend in San Francisco, and finding she would have to leave before I could see her because her mom was ill – and then on her flight home, learning her mom’s heart had stopped and she had passed away
  • Changing my plans to head there early to catsit her three beautiful Persian cats while they are away.

Three super Persian cats to catsit in San Francisco named Moo, Cake, and Potato

  • Needing to figure out what I ought to do next in my career and knowing I still need to work, can’t travel and volunteer just yet as my husband has at least a couple more years to further develop and firmly establish his post production company
Dog Bite in Topanga Canyon

Dog Bite in Topanga Canyon

  • The random dog bite and need for an antibiotics treatment and gratitude that I have insurance to have covered this.

I thought that when I wrote my post about my experience with Farm Animal Rights Movement, I would write a piece, focused on its improvement.

This concept remains central in my evaluation of my experience there, but in the light of the recent passing of my close friend’s mother – and in the harm FARM mismanagement caused my friendship with my Co Tour Operator, I am more reluctant not to say anything.

At a peak in our trip, just hanging at the laundromat.

The experience was really wonderful most days that we were on the road.

I loved seeing people’s minds change as they:

Many viewers are shocked by the brutal conditions in which animals are slaughtered to produce meat.

  1. I loved traveling.
  2. I loved my Co Tour Operator Grace.
  3. I loved running early in the morning for hours before heading out to do outreach with Grace.
  4. I loved the freedom inherent in living in a mobile home. We could be in Bakersfield one day, Visalia the next, spending the weekend in the Carters’ driveway right after.

Waking up to catch the sunrise on Ventura Beach

I would have continued:

  • This experience
  • This life.
  • This adventure.
  • Teaching.

But the light of this project was dimmed and then snuffed.

I do not want to go into nitty gritty, but throughout my time there – training and on the road – little support was provided to assure we had a smooth trip.

  • Often it was disorganized.
  • Often we received little support from our managers.

When electronic equipment for outreach and essential van equipment broke, there weren’t immediate solutions or contingency plans in place to fix things, despite some of this greatly reducing our ability for outreach or just to be able to live in the van.

This lack of respect, responsibility, safety, and care made it impossible for me to continue with this tour.

By the time I quit…

  • The van electricity no longer worked.
  • An alarm was going off for one of the van batteries.
  • The lights were flickering on and off.
  • Electricity, lights, water, microwave, refrigerator, freezer no longer worked.
Taking the refrigerator out of the cabinetry to fix it and it began to spark. Scary affair.

Taking the refrigerator out of the cabinetry to fix it and it began to spark. Scary affair.

  • There was no distinct advice as to what we ought to do, or where we ought to sleep that night – despite the alarm and flickering lights.
  • Either a number of tablets or kiosk batteries were no longer working, requiring Grace to spend hours, over the course of outreach, moving screens around trying to get tablets to charge.
Grace troubleshooting the kiosks for electrical problems AND fixing a busted wheel. She is a wonder woman animal rights activist.

Grace troubleshooting the kiosks for electrical problems AND fixing a busted wheel. She is a wonder woman animal rights activist.

  • We had to use our own money and hope to be reimbursed because the business credit card promised us never arrived until a month into the tour.
  • We had to request the manager the night before a campus to request information on it, despite this being info that was simply copied and pasted from past tour visits to a location and could have been input weeks before – actually preparing us for outreach the next day.
I loved encouraging other vegans on campus to share their pride and wisdom with others, but in the end, the conditions made the job unsustainable.

I loved encouraging other vegans on campus to share their pride and wisdom with others, but in the end, the conditions made the job unsustainable.

  • I felt the need midway through the tour to call the Executive Director of the nonprofit to explain everything that was going on. She was surprised and alarmed and assured us things would improve, but nothing changed…
  • When I spoke to the Executive Director after I quit, as well as the training manager who had been trying to support us, neither of them were surprised or seemed very upset with my choice because they knew the circumstances were poor enough that most people would not want to work there.
  • Many other little things, including over and over again, hearing from past and current FARM employees – 9 of them in total – that they disliked the organization cause they found it either did not appreciate them or disrespected them over the course of their time there.

I wish all the best for FARM

I’m sure that my feedback will help FARM to improve, and I don’t want to damage their reputation, but after all of the negative feedback I have heard about this nonprofit from those working there, as well as from my own experience, I know others would rather know this information before either choosing to donate to or work there.

But I would encourage those looking to donate or to perform animals rights or vegan outreach to look into these organizations that I have heard positive feedback about:

Additionally, you can check out Animal Charity Evaluators for reviews on various animal charity organizations. If you have information about an animal charity or would like to help in the review of animal charities, they are currently looking for external reviewers. Knowledge is power.