Project: Penpal

Find a unique inspiration to create, collaborate, and share – Penpal! — a Snail Mail Revival!

Project: Penpal is my dreamboat creation – reviving the Snail Mail movement – the exchange of art, letters, stories, artifacts, photos. 

Snail mail has unfortunately become a bit of a lost art among all the constant online, phone communications around us.  We are connected everywhere – convenient, but we lose the wonder, the anticipation, of waiting for the postman to march up to the door with a crisp, new message in hand – a surprise from our Penpal!

Wines made from plants other than grapes include rice wine and various fruit wines such as those made from plums or cherries.

Some well known example are hard cider from apples, perry from pears, pomegranate wine, and elderberry wine.

Some UK supermarkets have been criticised for selling “wine based” drinks, which only contain 75% wine, but which are still marketed as wine.