The Last Ice Merchant


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A short film shot in Ecuador about an old tradition and changing culture.


Project: Penpal is my dreamboat creation – reviving the Snail Mail movement – the exchange of art, letters, stories, artifacts, photos. 

Snail mail has unfortunately become a bit of a lost art among all the constant online, phone communications around us.  We are connected everywhere – convenient, but we lose the wonder, the anticipation, of waiting for the postman to march up to the door with a crisp, new message in hand – a surprise from our Penpal!

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Baltazar Ushca, the last ice merchant of Ecuador, has been harvesting the glacial ice of the Andes for half a century.

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Shooting on Chimborazo with Juan Carlos and Paulina.

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Some UK supermarkets have been criticised for selling “wine based” drinks, which only contain 75% wine, but which are still marketed as wine.