Takeaways – Part 1 – From 2.5 Months of Travel Throughout the West Coast 


At the end of the day, it’s not the end point, it’s the journey that counts in my nomadic string of travels on the West Coast.

It won’t be long till everything feels stale, living in one place, but at least that place happens to be one of the liveliest, and one of my favorite, places on Earth – NYC.

There are many reasons for wanting to return:
My sweet tutoring families and petsit clients.
Reconnecting with my NYC friends…


Success versus Failure @ Age 31


Meaning often comes in taking risks, breaking the mold of what people want us to believe is success.

While I do see the value in having enough saved to protect oneself against health ailments and other life obstacles, I think meaning is about helping others.

It’s about thinking how you can make your mark on this world.

How can you not fall victim to roteness? To not being aware that you are living life?


The weird beauty on the outskirts of Bakersfield, CA


It sure is beautiful here when you see past the piles of tangled metal car parts, spilled oil on driveways, and dead dogs that run along the main road in and out of Bakersfield pre-dawn (for serious. Scary stumbling along these running pre-dawn along sidewalk-less roads).

My fingers are clotted with red, nearly too numb to type, but I can’t help wanting to record what I see…


10 Billion Lives


According to USDA reports, nearly 10 billion land animals are raised and killed every year for food in the U.S. alone. Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM), is bringing this injustice to the country’s attention by showing the hard-hitting 10 Billion Lives video at college campuses, music festivals and street fairs.

Our dedicated staff and volunteers offer passersby $1 to watch the video – an outreach method known as “pay-per-view.” After watching, viewers are encouraged to decrease consumption of animals and work towards a vegan diet. The results speak for themselves – more than 80% of viewers commit to eating fewer animal products!


My Grandpa Wrote Back – Supporting a Vegan Lifestyle, Even If You Do Not Follow


“Dear Jen—-First of all—-thank you, thank you for your kind thoughts and writings regarding Poppy’s memorandum pertaining to his children and grandchildren. I had given some thought to expressing my admiration and pride for the next generation and as one gets older, we see the inner characteristics of our off spring in a different light than when I was younger and that is why I sat down with my thoughts and wrote from my inner heart felt view point. And now for the main purpose of this note. Jen, you revealed your inner most thoughts and soul with the way that you expressed yourself in answering my concerns and questions —Why go to California on the behalf of >Animal Rights” ? Your quick response to my concerns makes me realize that you have a plan for your life and that you are determined to live up to these plans and expectations. BRAVO Jen In any event, I will wish you the best with your endeavors and spirit to leave a footprint in the sands of our world. An old Navy command to the helmsman at the wheel—>Stay The Course”—meaning, your plans for the present and the future—will be as you want them to be. You have determination for living your life with he same compassion as your old great grandmother Liza Eglit Liepin So keep us informed about your travels and meeting up with people who have similar views as you—-or will have them after listening to your views. Lots of Luck and “Fair Winds” with you travels.
Love as Always. Joan and Poppy.”

It felt so good to read this last night. As much as my grandpa is proud of me and some of my differences from him, I am proud of him for over time becoming a more open person. He has slowly come to terms with my “throw caution to the wind” attitude over the years as I have…


10 Billion Lives Tour – Looking for New Friends


2 months ago Grace Reuter and I applied for the Tour Operator position at 10 Billion Lives, a movement organized by F.A.R.M. to inform people across the nation of the importance of reducing meat consumption. While I was intrigued by the position, I never imagined actually getting the job. I volunteer regularly with programs, such as Habitat for Humanity, All Hands, and at work exchanges around the world, but I do not have recent activism or nonprofit experience. Grace, a fairly recent college grad, was in the same boat. However, Todd Lee and Ryan Frazier, have faith in us to bring … Read More